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Ghosts of the Motor City by Sierra Dean [Review]

 Ghosts of the Motor City by Sierra Dean
Ghosts of the Motor City (Dead in Detroit #0.5) by Sierra Dean
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: January 2, 2017

Dead in Detroit
1. Ghosts of the Motor City - Kindle

Sierra Dean
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Frank Calvert knows a lot about dead people.

As a Detroit homicide detective, he's seen his fair share of corpses, and solved more than a few murders. But lately, the spirits of the recently deceased have been following him around, demanding answers for their untimely deaths.

When a frozen corpse turns up in an abandoned parking garage, Frank and his partner Mel work to solve the murder before the spirit is consumed by a darker shadowy entity Frank can't quite shake.

A new kind of noir mystery series begins with this original short story, originally published in the charity anthology Geeky Giving.
Thoughts on Ghosts of the Motor City: A nicely atmospheric introduction to a series set in a decaying city. Frank is world-weary and not content with being confined to a desk. Going out on a call puts him in an odd, terrible position and things start unraveling around him.

Without giving too much away, I liked the twist. I liked how things ended. The set-up for what I assume is coming is fantastic. SO MANY WAYS THINGS CAN GO.

I always enjoy Sierra Dean's books and this short story hit the spot. *thumbs up*

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