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Her Alien Bodyguard by Mira Maxwell [Review]

 Her Alien Bodyguard by Mira Maxwell
Her Alien Bodyguard (Guards of Attala #1) by Mira Maxwell
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author
Date read: August 3, 2017

Guards of Attala
1. Her Alien Bodyguard Kindle
2. Her Alien Protector
3. Her Alien Commander
4. Her Alien Warrior
5. Her Alien Defender

Mira Maxwell
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Diana Bennet is Earth’s last hope. The brilliant scientist and explorer leads her research team across the galaxy to the snow planet Attala in search of a mysterious compound that can jump start our dying sun.

Attala leaders are honored to host the humans and pledge to give Diana everything she needs. And one thing she doesn’t: the Attalan Guard, an elite group of mate-less warriors tasked with keeping Diana and her team safe in the remote ice mountains.

Diana’s brooding bodyguard, Mallyk, shadows her every move. He’s strong and capable and makes her feel things in places she’s forgotten about, but there’s no time to worry about her D.O.A. love life when the fate of a planet hangs in the balance. Her orders are clear: complete the mission and return to Earth.

Mallyk has other plans. And they all involve getting the feisty adventuress in his giant fur-lined bed. His insatiable lust for the Earth woman has him questioning his role with the Guard and cursing the day he took their oath of celibacy. Will his loyalty to the Guard stop him from claiming his long-awaited mate?
Thoughts on Her Alien Bodyguard: I liked this book overall, but I was a little, teeny-tiny bit turned off by how Diana brushed aside Mal's oaths and basically urged him to get busy with her even though it would cause a whole slew of problems for the guy down the road. Like, I get the mating instinct taking over and all that, but she had no intention of walking away from the duty she'd been given by her people, yet she didn't seem to think his duty/oaths were worth upholding.

I'm not down with that. Not at all.

That said, I like the setup for both the mission Diana and her crew are on and the potential for change I can see in the social structuring of the Attalans. Plus, there's the intriguing story of the first guard and his lady love. I do enjoy when a lone warrior fights the man!

Dangerous times on a dangerous world with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance. Throw in some sexy shenanigans and a whole lot of snow and ice and you're set!

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