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Her Alien Protector by Mira Maxwell [Review]

 Her Alien Protector by Mira Maxwell
Her Alien Protector (Guards of Attala #2) by Mira Maxwell
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author
Date read: August 6, 2017

Guards of Attala
1. Her Alien Bodyguard
2. Her Alien Protector Kindle
3. Her Alien Commander
4. Her Alien Warrior
5. Her Alien Defender

Mira Maxwell
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Margo Turner, a Marine pilot, is still in shock from her unexpected crash landing on the ice planet Attala. To make matters worse, the rest of her research team was just carried away by a group of fierce alien warriors who are intent on separating Margo from her ship. Determined to finish the repairs and make her spacecraft flight ready, Margo fights the Attalan bodyguard assigned to her at every turn.

Lodyn never imagined his fated mate could be a fierce, curvy Earth woman. She makes his blood boil with her defiance and stubbornness but his heart doesn’t care. Neither does his manhood. Now he faces the impossible decision of keeping his sworn oath to the guard or claiming his fated mate and finding a way to keep her by his side forever.
Thoughts on Her Alien Protector: This book takes place pretty much at the same time as book 1. Only instead of being carted off to the city with the rest of her team, Margo digs in her heels and defies her sexy alien guard to stay and fix the ship. Because, you know, they're going to need it to get back to earth. Which is pretty important seeing as how they can't save the planet if they can't get back to it.

That said, staying at the ship introduces one of my absolute favorite scenarios...snowed in with the hunk. Sure, sure. Margo and Lodyn aren't actually alone, but they have to spend quality time cooped up together and I LOOOOOVE when that happens.

The downside of this is Lodyn's oath of celibacy. Which a lot of the warriors don't hold is high regard, it's turning out. Still, the big guy tries to be honorable. Sort of. It's just when you can literally *feel* when you've met your fated mate, it's kinda hard to stay all stoic and unmoved.

*ahem* Right. So, we're shown a little more of the dangers that can be found on Attala. We meet some beings who aren't all that nice. We get some sexy times in the cold.

Things are moving forward with the mission and there are still several other women unattached. WHO'S NEXT?

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