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Piece of Work by Staci Hart [Review]

 Piece of Work by Staci Hart
Piece of Work (Red Lipstick Coalition #1) by Staci Hart
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: May 8, 2018

Red Lipstick Coalition
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Staci Hart
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Marble isn’t the only thing that’s hard at this museum.

His body is as chiseled as Adonis. His lips are as sculpted as David. And his ego is the size of the Guggenheim.

You know the type—wolfish smile and the gravity of a black hole. The kind of man who sucks all the air from the room the second he enters it. My cocky boss thinks this internship was wasted on me, and he doesn’t hesitate to let me know.

But he’s wrong, and I’m going to prove it to him. If I can stay away from his devil lips, that is. Lips that cut me down and kiss me in the same breath, leaving me certain he’s on a mission to ruin my life.

And maybe my heart.
Thoughts on Piece of Work: While it's not surprise that I like ANYTHING Staci Hart writes, I'm particularly enamored of Rin and Court's story. Something about these two and the push and pull of their relationship grabbed me by the feels and squeezed. HARD.

Rin in painfully self-conscious when we first meet her. PAINFULLY. Court looks right through her in their first meeting and she's glad because he's so out of her league (in her opinion) that anything else is unfathomable. Then he gets to see how her brilliant, beautiful mind works and, well, he's intrigued.

And once she steps outside the college persona she's cultivated after years of being in an academic setting and makes a conscious decision to try to be the person she wants to be, he's intrigued by a whole lot more than her mind.

I honestly loved Rin's transformation. Even after she takes the first steps toward her new self, she's plagued by doubts. Her friends are FANTASTIC. They pick her up when she stumbles (which happens a LOT, poor lady) and are just this outstanding support system overall. They're the ones who remind her she can be more than she was when she gets down on herself and I LOOOOOVE that.

Women helping women are my THANG.

Rin and Court worked on a lot of levels for me. He's jaded and wary (with good reason) (also, his dad and that whole dynamic give me a sour lemon face) while Rin is disarmingly open about things. He's used to being in the spotlight, she's content to remain invisible. Until she isn't.

Staci Hart continues to bring her A game and I'm beyond thrilled to get to dive into the worlds she creates.

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