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Protecting Their Mate Part 1 by Moira Rogers [Review]

 Protecting Their Mate Part 1 by Moira Rogers
Protecting Their Mate Part 1 (The Last Pack #1 Part 1) by Moira Rogers
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author
Date read: July 15, 2017

The Last Pack
1.1. Protecting Their Mate Part 1 - Paperback | Kindle
1.2. Protecting Their Mate Part 2
1.3. Protecting Their Mate Part 3
Protecting Their Mate: The Complete Serial
2. Defending Their Mate

Moira Rogers
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Blake is on a mission from his alpha--to track down a werewolf whose parents dragged her into the human world years ago, one who may be in danger. He expects the lead to go nowhere, given how few wolves live among humans, but he discovers something rare indeed, caged in a basement: a beautiful, curvy woman gripped by the fever, ready to mate.

Ashley Todd has never fit in. She's always been too much--too big, too demanding, too aware of the wolf hiding beneath her skin. She's been locked away for months—been alone for a lifetime—and in walks Blake to save her from her prison. Her rescuer is hard, intense—a dominant wolf whose bossy attitude makes her growl...and yearn to submit.

Soothing Ashley’s mating fever is Blake’s responsibility--and his pleasure. Their passion is explosive, undeniable. But what started out as a job for Blake quickly becomes something more, and the toughest part of his mission looms: taking Ashley back to his pack so she can choose her permanent mate from amongst his brethren.

Ashley is drawn to dominant Blake, but meeting the rest of the pack reignites her desire. She is overwhelmed by her new life and all it entails, but embracing her inner wolf means embracing the truth: if she doesn’t explore her attraction to the other members of the pack, she’ll never find her forever mate.
Thoughts on Protecting Their Mate Part 1: Whew! Is it hot in here? Because when werewolves get down and dirty, they don't mess around. They go straight to the good stuff. And it's GLORIOUS!

*fans self*

So. A lady-wolf who's been repressed to the point where she's been physically restrained and had no one show her the ropes (for the record, my eye's developing a twitch when I think about how her parents had the *means* to explain what was happening to her and they simply chose not to. Grr.) meets a male-wolf with both the strength and the know-how to get her through her mating fever. He not only saves her from the demands of her body, he also literally saves her since she was in a bad, bad place before he came.

Beyond that, Blake is also giving Ashley the means to be more confident in herself. He's carefully unraveling all the restrictive rules her parents drilled into her in their quest to make her less wolf and more human. I genuinely adore characters who actively work to lift someone up instead of tearing them down and Blake certainly does that. He might go about it in an unorthodox way by human standards, but he's showing Ashley that her desires aren't wrong and she needs to embrace them if she wants to be all the wolf she can be.

Sexy times that empower, sexy times with more than one wolf, and sexy times that look to be getting even hotter. I'm IN!

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