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A Heart of Ice by Hailey Edwards [Review]

 A Heart of Ice by Hailey Edwards
A Heart of Ice (Araneae Nation #0.5) by Hailey Edwards
Format: ebook
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Date read: August 18, 2017

Araneae Nation
0.5. A Heart of Ice - Paperback | Kindle
1. A Hint of Frost
2. A Feast of Souls
2.5. A Cast of Shadows
3. A Time of Dying
3.5. A Kiss of Venom
4. A Breath of Winter
5. A Veil of Secrets
5.5 A Solstice of Mischief

Hailey Edwards
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Reine knows marriage isn’t about love. It’s about making the best bargain you can with what you have and then living with the consequences. Wedding vows are alliances given voice, and I do is on the tip of her tongue.

Ennis is a man on a mission to woo the future Araneidae maven, whether she wants him or not. Her clan is wealthy, prosperous and in dire need of the one thing his people have to offer—protection. But one look at her and all thought of his obligations vanish. He’ll court Reine, but he wants the feisty heiress all to himself.

Forced to entertain offers from her bevy of suitors, Reine is torn between duty to her people and loyalty to herself. Ennis is the man she wants, but is he the future paladin her fragile clan needs? She can choose to lead with her head or, for once, she can follow her heart.
Thoughts on A Heart of Ice: I'm diving back into this series after reading book 1...a while ago. A couple of years, at least. This was the PERFECT bite-sized morsel of a story to remind me of all the little pieces that make up the Araneae world.

Some of those things being: A matriarchal society. Fangs and venom and all manner of nasty ways to die. Clan loyalty and alliances made to better their positions among the other clans.

I like it. As much, if not more, than when I first dipped my toes in this world.

While things move fairly quickly as far as the romance goes, Reine and Ennis are sweet and sexy together. She starts out resigned to her matrimonial fate and he's a little cocky. They clash. They come together. THINGS HAPPEN.

I think I have most of the rest of this series (if not all the series) waiting for me to read it. I'm on it!

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