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Iced by Regine Abel [Review]

 Iced by Regine Abel
Iced (Valos of Sonhadra #10) by Regine Abel
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: June 16, 2018

Valos of Sonhadra
1. Alluvial
2. Tempest
2.5. Galvanizing Sol
3. Blazing
4. Whirlwind
5. Radiant
6. Shadowed
7. Undying
8. Enduring
9. Unfrozen
10. IcedKindle

Regine Abel
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The fate of his people rests in her hands.

When the penitentiary ship she's incarcerated in gets sucked into an anomaly, Kira barely survives the crash onto an alien planet. Along with a handful of survivors, she finds refuge in the fiery city of Caldera alongside its Fire Valos inhabitants. But the sadistic experiments performed on her by the prison's scientist make the heat intolerable for her. When the opportunity to go to the frozen city of E’Lek presents itself, Kira believes she’ll finally find her new home.

Duke is confused by the strange human female. Like him, she’s cold, made for the icy lands of the Northern Valos. Her resemblance with the Creators and questionable friendships raise their collective suspicions. Yet, only she can save their lost tribes condemned to an eternal slumber. As his heartstone warms for her, Duke is determined to prove to his people that despite appearances, Kira belongs with them… belongs with him.
Thoughts on Iced: A new Sonhadra book! YAY! I'm seriously smitten with Regine Abel's ice Valos. They're sweet and possessive and when they fall for their special someone they fall hard and fast. Even if they look like those nasty Creators who caused such problems for these people.

Duke certainly falls for Kira quickly. It helps that she managed to find several of their people they thought had been lost to them. And she has some mighty fine ideas about saving those afflicted with the sickness killing them. Plus, she's pretty level-headed about her situation and the situations of those who survived the spaceship crash.

On Kira's end, Duke's attention to her is a balm to her wounded soul. After several years aboard the Concord and all the experiments she was subjected to, she needs someone who puts her first and cares for her comfort. Duke certainly does that. Plus, he's seriously smitten with her.


Snow, ice, and some blistering hot sexy times. EXCELLENT!

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