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Unfrozen by Regine Abel [Review]

 Unfrozen by Regine Abel
Unfrozen (Valos of Sonhadra #9) by Regine Abel
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: February 9, 2018

Valos of Sonhadra
1. Alluvial
2. Tempest
3. Blazing
4. Whirlwind
5. Radiant
6. Shadowed
7. Undying
8. Enduring
9. Unfrozen - Kindle
10. Iced

Regine Abel
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When the penitentiary ship she's incarcerated in gets sucked into an anomaly, Lydia barely survives the crash onto an alien planet. Only the sadistic experiments performed on her by the prison's scientist allow her to survive this harsh and dangerous world. The future looks grim until she stumbles upon a magnificent city of ice and its most unusual inhabitant.

Kai is fascinated by the delicate stranger fallen from the stars with the power to bring his hibernating city back to life. She stirs emotions long forgotten by his frozen heartstone. Can she be the salvation of his people or will the trap set by the Creators bring about their collective doom?
Thoughts on Unfrozen: Okay. So I love sci-fi romance. And I love when we get new takes on my favorite scenarios (a character being marooned on a planet and forced to use their wits and skills to survive is HIIIIGH on my list of faves). And I love romances that step outside the boundaries of a more traditional pairing (Lydia and Kai finding a way to be together despite their differences THRILLED me!).

Basically, I'm saying this book hit all my hot buttons. Romance on a distant world between two beings who are VERY different. LOOOOVE IT!

(To be fair, Regine Abel has quickly become an author whose sci-fi romances I adore, so loving this book isn't so much a surprise as a happy addition to my growing collection of books by her.)

But enough about my fangirl love for distant worlds. Let's talk about Lydia and Kai. The experiments aboard the prison ship has taken Lydia's inborn abilities and added a few extras to them. So she's VERY well equipped to handle the dangers the planet throws at her. As it turns out, only her ability to withstand extremes in heat and cold can help save Kai and his people from complete extinction. So, you know, I guess, IN THIS ONE INSTANCE, those experiments worked out for the best.

Meanwhile, Kai's existence is barren before Lydia arrives. He's going through the motions, but even he's starting to feel the press of time that so many of his brothers have succumbed to.

I REALLY liked this world and the awful things Lydia has to unravel to save Kai and his people. In fact, I want more of them. I want to see what happens next to this strange, powerful tribe and the human who reawakened them.

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