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Whirlwind by Ripley Proserpina [Review]

 Whirlwind by Ripley Proserpina
Whirlwind (Valos of Sonhadra #4) by Ripley Proserpina
Format: ebook
Source: borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
Date read: June 9, 2018

Valos of Sonhadra
1. Alluvial
2. Tempest
2.5. Galvanizing Sol
3. Blazing
4. WhirlwindPaperback | Kindle
5. Radiant
6. Shadowed
7. Undying
8. Enduring
9. Unfrozen
10. Iced

Ripley Proserpina
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Aveline got what she deserved. An unlucky thief, she’s been caught and imprisoned on the Interstellar Penitentiary System station. For the rest of her natural life, she’ll be an unwilling subject in whatever experiments the psychopathic Earth government scientists choose to use her for.

But Aveline’s luck is about to change.

When a wormhole opens near the space station, Aveline is sucked out of hell and into a world she never knew existed—Sonhadra.

And she’s not alone.

Locked away by a species known only as The Creators, the Ventos, a race of air elementals, have lived a half-life—alive but unaware of the passage of time, or who they are.

Until Aveline arrives.

The last four Ventos in Sonhandra, Aaddhar, Branesh, Ettan, and Thanasis, are awake now, and Aveline holds their hearts in her thieving little hands. Faced with a world utterly changed and unfamiliar, they decide to forge a new one. Together, they’ll create world of freedom and joy, and if the five of them are the only ones who enjoy it, that’s fine with the Ventos.

But Aveline didn’t arrive alone. The person at the heart of her downfall, the one who pushed her onto the path that led to loss and pain, has fallen through the wormhole as well. And she threatens everything Aveline and her Ventos have created. Will they be strong enough to survive the threat they now face? Or will the Ventos be sent back into oblivion and Aveline into hell?
Thoughts on Whirlwind: Another set of otherworldy hunks. I'm IN! This time, we're meeting the air elementals and their, well, kinda sad existence. I mean, ALL the Valos have pretty crappy existences, so that's kind of a given, I guess. Still. It's gotta suck being confined to your elemental form and unable to feel, right.

Until a certain thief falls into their path, that is. Then it's all smoldering anger and sexy times. I mean, eventually it's sexy times. You have to sort of work up to that, you know.

Speaking of pretty crappy existences (which I kind of was up there somewhere), Aveline does not have an easy time of it on the prison ship. Again, while everyone aboard (excluding the sociopathic doctors and guards) have to deal with some pretty terrible things, Aveline's getting it from both Doctor CrazyPants and her not-so-great sister she's imprisoned with.

We're seeing more of the world, meeting more of the Valos, and learning getting another glimpse into the tragedy the Creators, err, created. I'm enjoying this series a lot and can't wait to see what the next set of Valos will bring.

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