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High Heat by Sierra Dean [Review]

 High Heat by Sierra Dean
High Heat (Boys of Summer #3) by Sierra Dean
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: August 6, 2017

Boys of Summer
1. Pitch Perfect
2. Perfect Catch
3. High HeatKindle

Sierra Dean
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Miles Cartwright had the rookie season of any player’s dreams. The San Francisco Felons made it all the way to the World Series – with some help from his electric talent – then lost it all in game seven with him on the mound. To make matters worse, a misunderstanding has him in hot water with the law, and on a short leash with his club. The next season might be his last shot at a major league career, and he can’t let anything get in his way.

Last chances are something Carmen Murphy is all too familiar with. Her goal of becoming a respected sports writer is circling the drain while she wastes her talents writing sports gossip for a trashy, but popular, blog. Getting some insight on the Miles Cartwright scandal would be great for page views, but she knows a candid editorial could be just the ticket to a real career. Too bad Miles doesn’t trust her.

With the heat of summer building, and two dreams on the line, can Miles and Carmen both get what they want, without getting in each other’s way? And can they stop driving each other crazy long enough to realize that what they’re looking for might be right in front of them?
Thoughts on High Heat: Hoo-boy. Carmen is not everybody's favorite around the locker room. This is due, in large part, to the role she played in causing discord in Alice's life in the previous book. Also, her sometimes too-candid questions might have something to do with it. Good thing Miles listens to his gut more than anything and doesn't steer clear of her like he's warned to.

I mean, this would be a whole different book if he had.

Instead, he lets Carmen close and gets to see the real her. The one who loves baseball with a passion and wants to be a sports writer more than anything. The fact she writes for a tabloid sports blog isn't a reflection on her abilities, but rather her desire to pay her bills and keep a roof over her head.

While Miles is slowly (very slowly because she's kinda guarded) getting to know Carmen, she's getting to know him. And the more she sees, the more she likes. And the more she likes, the harder it is for her to stay impartial. Which works out for everyone in the end, really, because her greatest wish is to help make Miles the star she knows he can be.

A sweet, sporty read with a hero who tries to stay upbeat in the face of some rather overwhelming situations and a heroine who keeps forging forward despite the odds stacked up against her. I genuinely liked Miles and Carmen together and loved seeing where previous couples are now.

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