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Pirate Consort by Carysa Locke [Review]

 Pirate Consort by Carysa Locke
Pirate Consort (Telepathic Space Pirates #2) by Carysa Locke
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: June 1, 2018

Telepathic Space Pirates
0.5. Pirate Bound
0.75. Hunter Bond
1. Pirate Nemesis
1.5. Escape Run
2. Pirate ConsortKindle

Carysa Locke
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Outlaw. Telepath. Pirate. Queen.

Mercy thought the hardest part of going home would be surviving the dangerous, psychically gifted pirates she calls family. But the truth is far more complicated, and now Mercy is their Queen—a role she never wanted.

When a peace summit with the pirates’ greatest enemies ends in disaster, Mercy’s new life spins out of control. The Talented people she is supposed to be uniting are on the verge of a bloody war that will only end when all of them are dead.

With half of the pirates ready for war and the other half wanting to end her reign, pressure is mounting for Mercy to pick a second consort and embrace her role as queen. Now, she must uncover the truth in a complicated web of psychic Talents and politics. If she doesn’t unravel a hundred years of hostility, her new home will become the battlefield in a war without end.
Thoughts on Pirate Consort: Okay. Hold on, I'm getting my thoughts together here. Because THINGS HAPPEN and I'm still processing.

You know how ...no, wait. That'll give away too much. Okay, let's try this...you know how sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better? That. THINGS HAPPEN and I don't quite know how to put my concerned, crazy eyes away, but WHOA.

Yeah, vague. I know. I can say this: In the first book, Mercy was thrust into a role she had no training for and only a vague understanding of. She made it work, but she had a long way to come before she could fully become the Queen her people needed her to be. Her instinctive responses were good, but there's more to being Queen than binding her people together. They might have the anchor they need, but she still needs to learn how to lead them effectively.

Fortunately, she has people she can turn to. Reaper, her consort and love who happens to have an unparalleled ability to kill anyone who threatens Mercy. Cannon, who everyone still looks upon as the leader. Except when those two and several others she relies on end up cut off from the fleet, she has to figure things out on her own. Fast. (Err, mostly alone. A few encouraging developments pop up along the way. Hellllo, Sebastian.)

Politics are messy, man. So messy.

Add in a nasty, NASTY threat to all talented and an insidious plot that's been fermenting for far longer than anyone can comprehend and things get dicey fast.

I still love the worldbuilding. I still love how things are playing out. I have no idea how Mercy and her pirates are going to get out of this mess and I'm 100% along for the ride.

Provided it doesn't kill me with anticipation first.

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