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Rogue Souls by Chelsea Mueller [Review]

 Rogue Souls by Chelsea Mueller
Rogue Souls (Soul Charmer #2) by Chelsea Mueller
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: June 1, 2018

Soul Charmer
1. Borrowed Souls
2. Rogue SoulsKindle
3. Lost Souls

Chelsea Mueller
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Callie Delgado volunteered to apprentice to Gem City's Soul Charmer. He'd forced the soul magic ability into her, but now it was hers. She'd learn to control her body's reaction to rented souls or go up in flames. Literally.

She exchanged her chance to escape the darker side of Gem City to save her brother. Now she needs to keep him sober and safe, try to mend family ties, and avoid the mobsters who have too much interest in the magic of borrowing souls.

But when bodies begin dropping at the Soul Charmer's door, it's up to Callie and her partner Derek to track down the person killing soul renters. The Charmer wants retribution, but Callie is determined to get justice even if it means putting herself directly in the sights of the murderer.

If she wants to stay on the Soul Charmer's good side, Callie must confront her enemies head-on and learn to command rogue souls.

...and hope someone she loves doesn't become the next victim.
Thoughts on Rogue Souls: Before I get into the nitty gritty of the review, I'm just going to point out that Callie is insanely lucky to have Derek on her side. Not only is he pretty badass physically, but he continually puts her well-being above anyone else's and Callie needs that. BAD. I mean, her family is kinda messed up (a lot messed up, actually) and she's neck deep in souls and other visceral things that are dragging her down and Derek's support keeps her going.

But this book isn't all Derek and Callie. Nope. There's also the little matter of the power the Soul Charmer shoved into her. And a dead body or two. Plus, someone's trying to move in on the Charmer's turf and he DOES NOT like that. As you can imagine.

All that is rough, but it's the power giving her the most problems. You know, because flaming up at inopportune times makes life difficult. Or more difficult, I guess.

The point is Callie is dealing with a lot of things. Her brother. Her mother. Her boss. Her day job. Dead bodies. Souls. Secrets. Lies. I'm sure there are other things, too. She's holding it together (mostly) AND figuring out the limits of this new power (no thanks to the Soul Charmer, thankyouverymuch), but she has a lot on her plate.

And by the looks of things, there's a lot left to come.

I'll just be over here waiting patiently (mostly) to see how everything plays out.

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