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Triple Knockout by Jodi Redford [Review]

 Triple Knockout by Jodi Redford
Triple Knockout (Make Mine a Menage #3) by Jodi Redford
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: January 5, 2019

Make Mine a Menage
1. The Naughty List
2. Checking it Twice
3. Triple Knockout - Kindle

Jodi Redford
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Allie Saunders has a dirty secret. Make that two fantastically filthy secrets. Beau Colton and Van Mitchell. The leading stars of her X-rated fantasies also happen to be her brother’s best friends. Hello, big fat hairy complication. It’s no mystery why her unrequited crushes insist on keeping her at arm’s length, but it doesn’t stop her from wishing for the impossible.

When she discovers their dirty secret, the once forbidden is suddenly a tantalizing temptation and the key that could turn her dreams into a reality.

In addition to being co-owners of a boxing gym, Van and Beau share mutual tastes outside of the ring—they’re both Doms. That’s partly the reason for their unbreakable Bro Code where Allie is concerned. She’s far too sweet and innocent for the edgy games they enjoy.

Or so they thought.

Their assumption—and willpower—is about to be tested. Big time. All because of an annual Sub-For-A-Night charity event, and the irresistible, thoroughly off-limits woman who just stepped onto the auction block...

Warning: This wickedly hot MMF ménage contains two deliciously dirty boxers, a not-so-innocent dirty-talking heroine, dirty rope tricks, and dirty ways to break a sweat. Who says exercise can’t be fun?
Thoughts on Triple Knockout: Whoo-BOY! Jodi Redford certainly knows how to bring the heat. TIMES TWO! Because Beau and Van are hottttttt and they find their perfect foil in Allie.

Actually, Allie's ability to submit so easily sort of paves the way for Beau to explore the sides of himself he's been repressing. And WOW. Yes. Okay. Good.

While Allie's learning and Beau's unlearning, Van's doing his Dom thing and easing them both into finding their boundaries and discovering themselves. The dude's a little raunchy, a lot sexy, and WAY into the three of them together. Which works because they make a smokin' triad.

If you like dirty talking heroes (GLORIOUSLY dirty talking, in my opinion) and a woman who wants to explore her sexuality with two men she trusts, this book will be right up your alley. Deliciously naughty and so much fun!

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