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Noah by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Noah by Anna Hackett
Noah (Hell Squad #6) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 30, 2018

Hell Squad
1. Marcus
2. Cruz
3. Gabe
4. Reed
5. Roth
6. NoahPaperback | Kindle
7. Shaw
8. Holmes
9. Niko
10. Finn
11. Devlin
12. Theron
13. Hemi
14. Ash
15. Levi
16. Manu

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The battle of survival against the invading aliens heats up…but Hell Squad never quits.

Tech genius Noah Kim works day and night to keep the survivors at Blue Mountain Base with lights, power and hot water. He’s also working on a top secret project to help keep them safe. He’s tired, stressed and under pressure—and one woman adds to it all. An annoying, infuriating redhead he calls Captain Dragon.

Captain Laura Bladon lost everything she cared for in the alien invasion: her loving family, her Navy SEAL fiancĂ© and her military career. Since then, she’s been numb, her feelings encased in ice, and she’s dedicated herself to her job as chief interrogator and running the base’s prison. But one person can get under her skin in an instant—arrogant, brilliant Noah. He’s the one thing that makes her feel—and that makes her very afraid.

But as Laura helps Noah on his project, the two are drawn irresistibly together. As they head into the desert with Hell Squad on a mission to a hidden alien outpost, sparks fly and a passionate desire is uncovered. Both are holding onto past hurts, scared to take the risk of loving again…but when the unthinkable happens, it changes everything…and Laura and Noah must find the power to save themselves, their friends and their love.
Thoughts on Noah: The genius and the snarly captain. Man, those two have been poking at one another for a while now. Not in a sexy way, either. Although, their sparring has been a form of foreplay, so maybe it was a little sexy.

Anyway. Noah and Laura. They're both emotionally closed off. They both *think* they're irritated by the other. They both seem to go out of their way to provoke a response from one another. As it turns out, it was a SERIOUS amount of foreplay the two were actually engaging in.

It's always so cute when smart people are willfully blind to things like that.

Seeing as both Noah and Laura are pretty darn smart (Noah will be sure to tell you what he's capable of if you give him a minute), watching them fall was pretty darn satisfying.

The aliens are continuing their plan to conquer. The human survivors are determined to thwart them. Somehow in the midst of all the crazy carnage, people are falling in love. YES! THAT'S what I'm here for. (And the set up for book 7 has me making big eyes. O.O)

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