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Reed by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Reed by Anna Hackett
Reed (Hell Squad #4) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: November 23, 2017

Hell Squad
1. Marcus
2. Cruz
3. Gabe
4. ReedPaperback | Kindle
5. Roth
6. Noah
7. Shaw
8. Holmes
9. Niko
10. Finn
11. Devlin
12. Theron
13. Hemi
14. Ash
15. Levi
16. Manu

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
As part of Hell Squad, former Coalition Navy SEAL Reed MacKinnon fights for humanity’s freedom from the alien invaders. He also fights for his brown-eyed girl—the woman he rescued from the aliens’ secret laboratory. He admires her quiet strength and will to survive, not to mention her elfin looks and curvy body…but he knows he has to keep his distance. She’s nowhere near ready for what he has to offer and he’ll protect her from everything, even his own powerful desires.

Energy scientist Natalya Vasin has lived through hell. Still struggling after her captivity, scarred by the aliens’ experimentation, all she wants is to be normal again...and she wants Reed MacKinnon. But the rugged soldier is holding back, treating her like glass, and she won’t accept that from anybody.

As Reed and Natalya wage a sensual battle of desires, they also work together to decipher a mysterious alien energy cube. Hell Squad needs Natalya’s expertise and they need her to go back into alien territory to use it. But on a mission to destroy an alien outpost, secrets are uncovered—of what the raptors really did to Natalya. Secrets that mean the future she wants with Reed is just an impossible dream.
Thoughts on Reed: I'm back with the Hell Squad soldiers and their fight against the Gizzida. They're fighting the good fight as the try to do as much damage to the alien jerks who invaded as possible.

Natalya, as a former prisoner of the aliens, is determined to do her part for their survival. Her imprisonment left her with more than a few scars and she has plenty of healing to do before she can shake the past. She keeps her feelings for Reed hidden, never thinking he sees her as more than the damaged woman he pulled out of the alien tank.

As it turns out, Reed sees a whole lot more than that. He's just determined to take things slow so he doesn't spook Natalya. Which is sweet and everything, but Natalya isn't looking for slow. Once the truth comes out about how they both feel, she's ready to dive in.

Naturally, THINGS HAPPEN to throw a momentary wrench into their HEA, but Natalya's smart and Reed's determined and they make things work. Eventually.

Fun, fast-paced, and simmering with sexual tension (Claudia and Shaw, I'm looking at you!), the Hell Squad doesn't give up. No matter the obstacle.

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