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Gabe by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Gabe by Anna Hackett
Gabe (Hell Squad #3) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 16, 2017

Hell Squad
1. Marcus
2. Cruz
3. GabePaperback | Kindle
4. Reed
5. Roth
6. Noah
7. Shaw
8. Holmes
9. Niko
10. Finn
11. Devlin
12. Theron
13. Hemi
14. Ash
15. Levi
16. Manu

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Hell Squad soldier Gabe Jackson has lost everything that mattered, including his twin brother. Now he just wants to kill the invading aliens anyway he knows how…and he knows a lot of ways. Previously part of a secret Army super-soldier project, he’s faster, stronger, deadlier…but on the inside, he’s a mass of rage, and pain, and grief—all waiting for a chance to drag him under. Until he finds her.

Dr. Emerson Green had her life planned: thrive in the high-stress environment of the ER, build her career, have a great life. Then the raptor alien invasion happened. Now she’s the head of the medical team for the secret base sheltering human survivors outside of Sydney. She’s also in charge of patching up the soldiers who get too close to raptor claws. She’d never planned for this…and she’d never planned for sexy, brooding Gabe Jackson.

As Emerson uncovers clues to the aliens’ secret plans for the human race, she and Gabe collide in a storm of volatile passion. But the brooding soldier is as stubborn as he is silent, and Emerson knows she must convince him to reach out to her…because Gabe is a ticking time bomb about to go off.
Thoughts on Gabe: Poor Gabe. POOR GABE. Losing his twin did a number on him and he's gone into survival mode where he's determined to take out as many aliens as he can in as short a time as possible. Which is not a great combo, really. Because a vengeful Gabe is reckless and his recklessness puts the team in danger.

And then there's Emerson. He needs her, but he doesn't want to need her. Or maybe he just thinks she deserves better than a genetically modified soldier with a chip on his shoulder.

Not that Emerson is fazed by the genetically modified part. To her, Gabe's just a sexy, intense man who makes her heart beat faster. Unfortunately, he's not much for talking about his feelings, so she has to claw what he's feeling out of him. Even then, he remains frustratingly tight lipped until he realizes exactly what he has to lose by not taking a leap of faith and trusting Emerson by opening up.

A little more of the alien agenda is uncovered, along with a whole lot more questions. Good thing Hell Squad is ready and willing to fight until they can't anymore to try to figure out what the aliens want and how to stop them.

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