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The Magnificent Cyborg by Honey Phillips [Review]

The Magnificent Cyborg by Honey Phillips
The Magnificent Cyborg (Cyborgs on Mars #4) by Honey Phillips
Format: ebook
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Date read: June 17, 2020

Cyborgs on Mars
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1. The Good, the Bad, and the Cyborg
2. A Fistful of Cyborg
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4. The Magnificent CyborgPaperback | Kindle
5. The Outlaw Cyborg
The Cyborg with No Name

Honey Phillips
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A woman with a troubled past. A cyborg with missing memories.

W-246 is one of the last cyborgs sent to Mars to work on the terraforming project. While he doesn't remember how he became a cyborg, he has accepted his new role as a territorial judge. Until he encounters Cherry. He knows he could never forget a woman like her -- so why does she seem so familiar?

Madam Cherry is through with men. In her experience, they either use her or break her heart or both. Instead, she concentrates on running a successful business, and is content taking care of her girls -- until she runs into Wyatt.

Their brief, passionate marriage ended years ago when he disappeared -- killed in the line of duty. Or so she had assumed. Now she finds out that he is very much alive.

The fact that he is a cyborg doesn't bother her -- the fact that he doesn't remember her? That could destroy her...

Can Cherry and Wyatt recapture their love in the midst of a budding rebellion, surrounded by dangerous new enemies?
Thoughts on The Magnificent Cyborg: Things on Mars are...well, I was going to say heating up, but, honestly, things have been in the heating stage for a while. Some of the heat was happening unbeknownst to our cyborgs and their ladies, but it was there. Definitely there. As shown by the hidden cities Gen-Con has been fiddling with. And the, errm, not-cyborgs they've been creating.

Regardless, our heroes are getting some a few answers on what's been planned for the settlers and for Mars's not good.

Which, naturally, brings the cyborgs out to defend their new world and their new families.

Wyatt and Cherry aren't necessarily new on the family front, but they're starting over again. Sure, Wyatt has no memories of his time with Cherry, but they still had a past and the start of something good before it was torn away from them. Cherry has to reconcile her bruised heart (because believing your new husband was dead and then suddenly running into him is a bit of a shock) with the reality of what was done to Wyatt.

And Wyatt just has to remember. (Which is its own issue since the memory loss was not natural.)

Sexy cyborgs, dangerous creeps, an unforgiving landscape (although it's getting better!), and steamy times between the sheets. My soft spot for cyborgs is still alive and well and I'm ready for Serena's story!

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