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The Cyborg with No Name by Honey Phillips [Review]

The Cyborg with No Name (Cyborgs on Mars) by Honey Phillips
Format: ebook
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Date read: January 19, 2023

Cyborgs on Mars
0.5. High Plains Cyborg
1. The Good, the Bad, and the Cyborg
2. A Fistful of Cyborg
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4. The Magnificent Cyborg
5. The Outlaw Cyborg
The Cyborg with No Name - Kindle

Honey Phillips
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Can a wounded cyborg help an isolated scientist remember her own humanity?

Dr. Rose Abbott is the cybernetic engineer who created the robot horses used in the efforts to terraform Mars. Disgusted by the way her creations are treated by the GenCon Corporation, she chooses to leave her work behind and live in isolation.

Then one of her horses finds her and leads her to an injured cyborg ranger - one with no memory. She reluctantly decides to take the big male, who she nicknames Roy, back to her home to heal.

All Roy can remember is cold and pain. But the prickly little scientist taking care of him begins to thaw his frozen heart, awakening feelings he never thought to have. He is determined to protect her – even from his unknown past.

With the help of a robot horse and a cybernetic dog, can two wounded souls find peace in each other’s arms? Or will Roy’s past threaten the new life he is hoping to build?
Thoughts on The Cyborg with No Name: I originally read this in the PiSA since I love these cyborgs and... *heart eyes* And look! Here I am again, cuddling up with the cyborgs and the women who love them. And who love their horses.

As it turns out, Rose has a special connection to the horses on Mars. As the engineer who created them and then left GenCon because of the way they were treated, she has a massive soft spot for the big animals. She might not have all the tools and materials she used to have, but she's still plying her trade as she tinkers with a robotic dog in her down time.

When one of the cybernetic horses appears and leads her to a heavily damaged cyborg with no memory, Rose does what she needs to do to try to help the injured Ranger. One thing leads to another and soon they're sharing more than space in her habitat.

On Roy's end, his lack of memories leaves him a little twitchy. He knows something happened to him, but not what. Throw in his slow healing from his injuries (considering he's a cyborg, that's pretty much unheard of) and the simmering connection he feels toward Rose and the guy is dealing with some stuff.

A (somewhat) dangerous planet, cybernetic animals who are more than just robots, a damaged cyborg, and a lady who's been on her own for a while. *thumbs up*

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