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Moment of Tooth by Lindsay Buroker [Review]

Moment of Tooth (A Witch in Wolf Wood #4) by Lindsay Buroker
Format: ebook
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Date read: February 3, 2022

A Witch in Wolf Wood
1. Mind Over Magic
2. Spell Hound
3. Any Witch Way
4. Moment of Tooth - PaperbackKindle
5. Charmed and Dangerous

Lindsay Buroker
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Morgen Keller’s life has been chaotic since she inherited her grandmother’s old house—and her legacy as a witch.

Werewolves regularly attack her, familiars spy on her, and enemies she didn’t ask for keep lighting her property on fire.

Through everything, she’s been fortunate to have one steadfast ally: Amar.

The lone werewolf is a fearsome fighter, a loyal protector, and he’s sexy in nothing but a magical talisman.

Just as Morgen and Amar overcome most of her problems and officially start dating, trouble from his past arrives in town. The powerful enemy who long ago slew his parents has come to finish off the family.

As strong as Amar is, he may not be able to handle his old nemesis alone. But will he let Morgen help? And is it within her fledgling power as a witch to do so?
Thoughts on Moment of Tooth: Things are finally starting to heat up between Morgen and Amar...well, they would be heating up if they didn't keep getting interrupted. Honestly, between unexpected coven meetings (that end up at Morgen's house because she doesn't quite know how to say no), a blast from Amar's past with murderous intent, and just dangerous goings on in general, these two get blocked from having the sexy times more than is probably healthy.

To be fair, going up against a super-powered enemy who has his hate on for Amar is probably not all they healthy either, but these two are doing it. Also to be fair, Amar isn't thrilled that Morgen is willing to throw herself in the middle of his battle. Or, I guess, he's extremely concerned that she'll become even more of a target because of his growing feelings for her. Morgen isn't the type to sit idly by when people she cares about are being menaced, though, so she forges on despite the danger.

Anywho. Tensions are still high between the witches and the werewolves, but Morgen's working to change things for the better. It is slow work, mind you, but she's determined to show that her wolves (she really can't speak for the others, can she?) aren't the vicious creatures the witches see them as. As for the witches...well, I'm not the biggest fan of them (werewolves! Yes!), but they are weeding out the intolerant ones slowly, but surely.

A little danger, a lot of banter, more than a few romantic moments that are stopped before they get going, and the potential for change in the future. You know, after Morgen figures out how to pay her tax bill and make a living and all that. *thumbs up*

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