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Razr by Larissa Ione [Review]

Razr (Demonica Underworld #4, Demonica #15) by Larissa Ione
Format: ebook
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Date read: November 4, 2021

Demonica Underworld
1. Azagoth
2. Hades
3. Z
4. Razr - Paperback | Kindle
5. Hawkyn
6. Her Guardian Angel
7. Dining with Angels
8. Cipher
9. Reaper

Larissa Ione
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A fallen angel with a secret.

An otherworldly elf with an insatiable hunger she doesn't understand.

A cursed gem.

Meet mortal enemies Razr and Jedda...and the priceless diamond that threatens to destroy them both even as it bonds them together with sizzling passion.

Welcome back to the Demonica Underworld, where enemies find love...if they're strong enough to survive.
Thoughts on Razr: It has been A WHILE since I dipped my toes in this underworld and spent time with these miscreants, fallen, unfallen, and...well, everybody else who's there. What can I say except it's a little brutal and a lot of fun. I mean, it's bloody fun, but fun is fun, amirite?!?

Anywho. Razr's up and he's kind of a mess. He's not fallen and he's not quite unfallen and he's punishing himself for the mistake he made ages ago. He's determined to find the people and/or person who helped put his mistake in motion and make them pay for what they did.

Except the person in question happens to be Jedda and she's surprisingly innocent despite her part in the theft that caused all the issues in the first place. It isn't until she and Razr manage to find time to sit and talk (not easy considering how hot they are for one another) that the entire story comes out and Razr has to make some hard decisions about how to handle things.

A gruesome demon party, an elf who's trying to keep a few secrets, more than a few smokin' hot encounters because Razr and Jedda JUST CAN'T KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF ONE ANOTHER!, and a few familiar faces. Good stuff!

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