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Fireworks for My Dragon Boss by Honey Phillips [Review]

Fireworks for My Dragon Boss (Fairhaven Falls #2) by Honey Phillips
Format: ebook
Source: borrowed through Kindle Unlimited
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Date read: October 5, 2023

Fairhaven Falls
1. Trouble for My Troll
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6. Gift for My Ghost

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Honey Phillips
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Her dragon is turning up the heat!

After a series of corporate mergers, Charlotte’s job is hanging by a thread. When her boss orders her to drag an overdue manuscript out of their bestselling author, she’s determined to succeed - even if it means leaving the city for the small Southern town of Fairhaven Falls.

She just didn’t expect the elusive author to be so big. And handsome. And winged.

Nakor Earlsworth refuses to give in to the common stereotypes about dragons. He lives in a glass-walled house, not a cave. He doesn’t breathe fire - at least not most of the time. And he certainly isn’t sitting on a hoard of treasure.

So why is it that when an annoying, buttoned-up, and irritatingly attractive, female shows up on his doorstep, he’s suddenly envisioning her wearing his gold - and nothing else?

A very stubborn male and an equally determined female are about to find out what happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force. Sparks are going to fly. Literally.
Thoughts on Fireworks for My Dragon Boss: Matchmaking Flora's at it again and this time she has a grumpy dragon and the human lady sent to keep him on his deadline in her sights. To be blunt, Nakor VERY MUCH does not want anyone meddling with his writing mojo and he CERTAINLY wouldn't expect a fragile human to be the one who entices him into thinking about forever.

But it happens. Charlotte's arrival is initially unwelcome, but an untimely breakdown has Nakor spending more time with her than he expects to. In fact, Nakor barely wanted to answer the door when she knocked. Much less invite her in and feed her. Or offer to take her back into town. Or find himself thinking about her in a way that gets his blood humming.

On Charlotte's end, she's stressed out about her job, wary about meeting the reclusive dragon, and somehow determined to find a way to get him back on track despite all that. The big guy is intimidating, a little heavy handed, and she likes him anyway. Sure, she has to draw a line or two in the sand so he knows she's no pushover, but these two fit together nicely.

A wicked case of writer's block, a meddling innkeeper, a storage room full of goodies, and two people who have to figure out what they want before it's too late. *thumbs up*

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