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Next of Kin by Hannah Bonam-Young [Review]

Next of Kin (Next #1) by Hannah Bonam-Young
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Date read: September 10, 2023

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2. Next to You

Hannah Bonam-Young
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
When people-pleasing Chloe learns that her birth mother has unexpectedly had another baby, she doesn’t hesitate to become a next of kin guardian. But when she fails to pass Child Protective Services’ financial evaluation, she is faced with a choice: see her baby sister placed in foster care or participate in CPS’ new initiative, TeamUp.

Enter Warren, a surly mechanic’s apprentice attempting to get custody of his deaf fifteen-year-old brother after failing CPS’ housing evaluation. The two strangers immediately clash but agree to live together until Warren can find housing elsewhere and Chloe can further grow her freelance career.

As their lives intertwine, Chloe and Warren both realise that they’re far more similar than they could have imagined. What started as forced begins to feel natural—and far less lonely. Chemistry soon intensifies beyond what either of them can stand, but they must each decide if what burns between them is worth risking their arrangement and, ultimately, the well-being of their siblings.
Thoughts on Next of Kin: Alright. Here we have two youngish people (in their 20s, so not young,-young, but young enough for all this to be daunting) trying to keep their families together (Chloe with her baby sister and Warren with his teenage brother) and HOO-BOY do they rub each other the wrong way in the beginning. But seeing as how they both need the other to make things work in their respective cases, they tough it out and THINGS HAPPEN.

Honestly, I love it when things happen. Meaning this worked for me.

So. Chloe and Warren. They've both dealt with being in the system although they've had different paths they took. Chloe was adopted, Warren and his brother were/are in foster care. They're both trying to figure things out. They're both trying to make a better life for their siblings. While they didn't get off to the best start and Warren didn't make things easier by setting down some rules meant to protect him and his brother from heartache, somewhere along the way they started acting as a team instead of two strangers who happened to be sharing space for their siblings.

Which isn't to say things were easy. They clashed. They made a few mistakes with one another. They had to figure out how to communicate. But they got where they needed to be. Eventually. After a few road bumps.

New beginnings, a little heartache, some steamy kisses, and a family that figured out how to mesh when they needed it the most. *thumbs up*

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