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Hunter's Promise by Lynnea Lee [Review]

Hunter's Promise (Xarc'n Warriors: Mountains #3) by Lynnea Lee
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Date read: November 27, 2023

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Lynnea Lee
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
A good girl gone awol

I knew when I Ex-Laxed our leader’s food that they’d send me to the arena if they caught me. It was worth it to get some of my friends out of this dump. What I didn't expect was the seven-foot-tall Xarc’n hunter who has come to my rescue.

My horned and fanged savior isn’t like any other alien warrior I’ve heard about. He dresses in furs, lives in a cave, and there isn’t a shuttle in sight. Every word sounds like a growl, but my body reacts to him like we belong together.
But I can’t just hide in his den forever. I have to get back to my friends!

A hunter on the run

When I found out about Earth and the compatible females living here, I abandoned my mission to come to this blue-green planet. Hunted by my own kind, I did all I could to stay hidden.

Now I’ve found the female whose scent called to me all through the cold season. Gabby is mine, and I’ll stop at nothing to claim her. Her people are searching for her, and mine now know I exist, but I will level this entire mountain if they try to separate us.
Thoughts on Hunter's Promise: Another warrior finds his special human lady and I AM HERE FOR IT.

This time around we have Gabby (the lady who infamously Ex-Laxed the raider's food to help facilitate an escape) and Tal'n. Tal'n has been living rough and on his own for the past two years and he isn't tapped into the hunter network. Which means he's a little wilder and a little less knowledgeable when it comes to human interactions. Which, in turn, leads to a few communication issues between him and Gabby. Well, plus, Gabby doesn't have a translator at first so the communication is pretty once-sided until that gets rectified.

That said, these two don't have a tough time communicating when all is said and done. The specifics might get a little lost, but Gabby figures out pretty quickly that Tal'n is only there to protect her and soon she's cuddling up to the big guy in more ways than one.

A daring rescue, some well-spent alone time with just the two of them, bugs, raiders, a warrior who isn't used to being around others, and a lady who loves being among friends. MORE PLEASE!

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