Saturday, October 9, 2010

Review: Stone's Embrace: A Captive Souls Story by Delilah Devlin

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Lust trapped them in darkness…only love can free them…

Petra Pedersen has lived as a recluse all her life thanks to a genetic double whammy—a strange deformity and, passed down from the father she will never know, a shameful power. The power to incite lust in men and women with just a touch.

Exploring the garden of the mansion she’s just inherited, she comes across a fascinating stone gargoyle whose raw, passionate expression draws her to caress its broad chest. Her imagination follows her fluttering fingers. As she closes her eyes and gives herself up to the arousal, something shifts beneath her touch.

Long ago, failure to stop a demon battle trapped Octavius in a prison of stone. Freed by the woman’s incendiary touch, he doesn’t hesitate to unleash his pent-up rage and desire in a blistering fury. Yet once the haze of lust clears, he discovers he isn’t really free after all.

They are both trapped in another realm where he must choose between his last chance for redemption or returning Petra home…
My Thoughts: Okay, this story was hot.  It's not often you come across a book where the main character decides to pleasure herself on a stone gargoyle in the middle of the day.  Maybe I've just been looking in the wrong places.  Because if there's a whole sub-genre to paranormal romances out there that focus on this, I need to know.

Anyway.  One thing I like about this series is that although each of the three books exists as part of the cycle, the sisters don't meet until the third (Demon Dreamer).  Essentially, each book works as a stand-alone story built around the three male characters who you only see together at the beginning.  It's a fun little twist that gives the stories a common thread while allowing them to expand on their universes individually.

I liked Octavius and Petra together.  I liked that he was immune to her touch.  I liked that he was willing to do anything to make her happy.  I can see some issues potentially arising from this down the line, but there's something sexy about a guy who's willing to give his lady anything her little heart desires sexually.

Big thumbs up on this book.  Big.Thumbs.Up.

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