Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: A Peyton Family Christmas (Southern Arcana 2.1) by Moira Rogers

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A free short story set after Crossroads and before Deadlock.

Life has settled down for Nicole Peyton and Derek Gabriel. They've fought battles and won, but friends and family still struggle with the scars. During their first Christmas together, surrounded by the people they love most, Derek and Nick give each other the less tangible gifts that matter most--and the too tangible gifts that mean forever.

This story contains major spoilers for Crossroads. Read with caution!
This is a free read offered through Moira Rogers' site (check it out!).

My Thoughts:  In this short story, Moira Rogers has given us a peek into the lives of some of the heroes of the Southern Arcana books.  Struggling with the life-changing events of Crossroads, Nick and Derek are both happy at their fortune in finding one another and burdened by the toll it took on some of their closest family members.  As they make plans for their future they work to help those around them heal and find peace.

Once again, these characters are so very well-realized and dynamic that even a story of this length is a fantastic glimpse into another world.  However, I absolutely recommend starting with book 1 of this series to get the full effect of both the emotional roller coaster the characters have to deal with and the world building that Moira Rogers excels at.

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