Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: Eternal Craving (Gods of the Night #2) by Nina Bangs

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Lies. He’s been promised a new life as the hunter he once was. But Al soon learns that all the rules have changed. Now he must control his most basic urges—the need to kill, to feed, to mate. And the woman he wants looks at him with both heat and fear in her eyes. Jenna Maloy doesn’t buy the story that he’s come to Philadelphia to save souls. She seems to see through the layers of deception to the primitive heart of him. With her beside him, Al stalks the dark forces that crouch in the city’s night shadows. But the real battle rages in his heart. Love is a formidable opponent. How can he ask her to stay with him after she’s seen the savagery of his beast? He only knows that if she turns from him he’ll be cursed with an Eternal Craving.

Eleven Gods of the Night…
The only creatures more deadly are the ones they’ve been summoned to destroy.
My Thoughts: I remember when I picked up book one a few months back and thought Dinosaur shifters?  I don't know about this.  I really glad I decided to ignore that inner voice of mine and give this series a try because they are gooooood.  Sexy good.  Wicked good.  Epic good.

I'm still slightly shocked that anyone could find a way to make dinosaurs sexy.  I've always seen them as brutal, bloody, survivalists.  That Nina Bangs not only made them sexy but found a way to make it believable that they have to find a way to temper their savage side with the human emotions they're beginning to feel.  It's surprising and steamy and fun.  Look there- three of my favorite things.

The way Al was forced to deal with his feral side and come to terms that he'll never be able to run with his pack again, was well written.  Realizing that these feelings he's experiencing in Jenna's presence aren't going to go away gave him depth.  Since I'm talking about characters- Fin.  The guy has more secrets than... someone with a lot of secrets.  Here's to hoping they don't blow up in his face.

My one complaint is that I don't think the cover really captures the vibe of the book.  It looks soft and romantic.  It should be harder, more feral with a sexy edge.  Yes, I am completely aware that authors have little to no input on the covers, but I think it's a shame that these books might be passed over by people who would like a paranormal romance with a little more bite simply because the cover is so typical of PNR books.

I really don't think this book should be read without reading book one.  Although enough backstory is given to fill you in, the strength in these types of books lies in experiencing them from beginning to end.  In other words, read book 1 first.

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