Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: Treasured by Crystal Jordan

Synopsis (via Goodreads):
Graduate student Rebecca Small is so obsessed with the past—especially the Golden Age of Piracy—she doesn’t mind her unglamorous job preparing museum displays. This display is about her favorite subject, James Morrow, a famous pirate who mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Becca touches the pirate’s antique sword, and finds herself on a ship in the middle of a sword fight, saving the sexy captain from being stabbed in the back—literally. Once the smoke clears, the man who claims he’s her husband is more than eager to reward her for her timely assistance.

James Morrow knows very little about the woman he was forced to marry five years ago, but the woman who saved him doesn’t fit the portrait he’s painted of her in his mind. She’s strong, brave, and submits to his every dark desire. She seems the perfect woman for a pirate, but he makes his living among the dishonest and disreputable—trust isn’t a commodity he trades in.
My Thoughts: Every once in a while I get in this mood where I'm like, "PIRATES!  I want to read nothing but pirate books!  ARRGH!"  Rationally, I know that the limited amount of fresh water on a pirate ship probably meant that they all stunk to high heaven and it's more than likely that many of them suffered from scurvy and as a group they were bloody little buggers who raped and pillaged, yet... PIRATES!

I think my skewed idea that pirates are somehow sexy comes from covers like this one.  See?  That's pretty,  If all pirates really did look like that, they'd get all the chicks and could give up their raping and pillaging.  Because, you know, the ladies would be throwing themselves at them.

Anyway.  Now that we've discussed my unhealthy obsession with pirates that occasionally flares up (pirate-itis?  Oh, that just sounds wrong.) I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this book gave me everything I was looking for.  There was a sexy pirate who happened to like playing dominance games in bed and a sassy lady who is whisked from the present into the arms of said sexy pirate.  There was a ship, swords, some blood and neither raping nor pillaging.  Which just goes to show you that if you're hunky like the cover pirate you don't have to rape and pillage.

It was a sexy, fast read that totally hit the spot.

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  1. I have this book in my pile, I think I will try to get it soon.Great review.