Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Save My Soul (Preternaturals #2) by Zoe Winters

Synopsis (Goodreads):
All he's asking for is her soul.

After buying the antebellum home she's fantasized about since childhood, Anna Worthington discovers Luc, a dangerously seductive incubus who has been trapped in the house by a fifty-year-old curse. To rid herself of her problem house guest she'll call on a priest, gypsies, ghost hunters, and the coven of witches from lust bunny hell. All she has to do is resist him long enough to break the spell so they can go their separate ways. If she doesn't, she could die. And that would be the best case scenario.
My Thoughts: There were a lot of things I liked about this book, starting with the sassy Anna and the sexy incubus trapped in her house right on down to the hookers who were given a chance to turn their lives around.  I mean, any time an author can turn a potentially icky situation with a sex lovin' demon and a houseful of hookers into something that makes sense and leaves you hoping everyone will find a way to have a happy ending... well, that's some good writing.

Anna is a woman tempted beyond all belief by a demon who is sex incarnate.  And yet she finds a way to resist him.  Luc's need to feed on multiple women so he doesn't drain his partner to death makes for a sticky situation in Anna's head.  She's unwilling to share and he's unwilling to risk her by using her and her alone.  I think it's fabulous that Zoe Winters made me sympathetic to Luc and his many women.  Under normal circumstances I'd be growling in frustration at a guy who couldn't be faithful.  (and now I need to interject that this doesn't include my wickedly naughty menage books, because I'm always down with multiple partners in those!)  Here?  I get it.

Strong writing, memorable characters and a twist that I didn't see coming made this a book I'm more than willing to read multiple times.

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Save My Soul was a free download from ARE that I picked up 03/25/11.

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