Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Hunted (Flash Gold Chronicles #2) by Lindsay Buroker

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Self-taught tinkerer Kali McAlister is determined to build an airship and escape the frigid Yukon forever. Unfortunately, she’s the heir to the secrets of flash gold, an alchemical energy source that tends to make her a popular target for bandits, gangsters, and pirates.

With the help of her bounty-hunting business partner, Cedar, Kali has outwitted and eluded attackers before, and she thinks she’s prepared for anything. Then her ex-fiancĂ© strolls into her workshop.

As if fooling her once wasn’t enough, he aims to embroil her in a fresh scheme. Meanwhile, a new nemesis is stalking her, a shrouded figure with an arsenal of deadly machines that make Kali’s inventions seem like toys. This time, it’ll take more than her ingenuity and Cedar’s combat skills to survive.
My Thoughts:  I loved the first book in this series.  Loved it.  When I saw that there was a second book starring the lovely, mechanically minded Kali and her mysterious partner Cedar I was all over it.  I'm pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed in the least.

Kali is still a mechanical whiz.  Cedar is still mysterious.  Kali might like Cedar in more than just a business partner sense but she's pretty clueless when it comes to relationships and she doesn't know how to let him know this.  Cedar begins to loosen the chokehold he has on information about himself and let Kali get to know him.  It was sweet.  And for anyone who knows a person who's scientifically or mechanically minded, Kali is spot on.  Her curiosity nearly gets her in trouble more than once as she focuses on the gadgets she's seeing instead of her own physical safety.

I love the characters, I love the understanding the two of them are slowly coming to, I love the steampunk gadgets.  More, please.

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