Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: Tequila Sunset (Last Call #3.5) by Moira Rogers

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Detective and werewolf Zack Elliott visits Last Call to satisfy his need to dominate, but it doesn't satisfy his unrequited love for a woman he can't have. Still, he's managed to keep his desire for her under control until a chance encounter in their apartment building sends him back to the bar for relief.
Iris has spent the last two decades living a strict life of self-denial as New York City's only demon social worker. She lives in fear of the power inside her, and the dark needs that tempted her down a dangerous road before. But love and need are leading her down that path again, and her only hope is to give in to the man she loves and trust that he's strong enough to keep her safe from the darkness inside.
My Thoughts:  I love the Last Call series.  They're naughty, naughty fun and you end up liking the characters ridiculous amounts.  In fact, we've met Zack before and his dominance games in the bedroom are hot.  His threesome in book 3 is *fans self* whoa.  However, he wasn't given a HEA in that book.  He's an Alpha who needs to dominate and the lady he's going for is too fragile for what he wants to do to her.  Or so he thinks.

This book brings Leo and Caitlin (book 4) back and has them meddling in the affairs of Zack and Iris.  Zack doesn't know Iris is a demon and Iris is afraid to let the power simmering inside of her out.  Still, Zack manages to break down her walls and the two tumble into bed.  Which is no less than I'd expect from a sexy Alpha who's found the woman he wants to be with.

The sex is hot, the characters sparkle and seeing some old faces at the bar made me smile.  All in all, it was a quick, deliciously naughty read that left me wanting to go back and reread all the previous installments.

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