Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: Death's Hand (Descent #1) by S.M. Reine

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Policing relations between Heaven, Hell, and Earth is messy and violent, but Elise Kavanagh and James Faulkner excelled at it-- until coming across a job so brutal that even they couldn't stand to see one more dead body.

Now they've been pretending to be normal for five years, leaving their horrific history a dark secret. Elise works in an office. James owns a business. None of their friends realize they used to be one of the world's best killing teams.

After years of hiding, something stirs. Bodies are vanishing. Demons scurry in the shadows of the night. A child has been possessed.

Some enemies aren't willing to let the secrets of the past stay dead...
My Thoughts:  Wow.  What a fantastic world S.M. Reine has created here.  It's chock full of demons, blood, magic and righteous fury and it gets all jumbled together in a mad, brilliant clash that leaves you gasping for breath and wondering if everyone is going to make it out of this in one piece.  I practically needed a cigarette after and I don't smoke.

I loved the relationship Elise has with the world.  She's brittle and standoffish, the world takes note and, well, stands off.  As things begin to unravel and Elise is forced to reveal the truth of things to those around her she finds herself collecting people who mean something to her.  I thought Elise's reaction to being asked out was awkward in a way that rang entirely true.  That long moment of silence after the idea of a date comes up, followed by agreeing to go but only on her terms.  I don't know.  I liked it.  "Sure I'll go out with you, but we're not doing the dinner thing before, dude.  Nope.  We do things my way, or the highway."  No, that's not a quote from the book.  That's my awesome paraphrasing.  Try not to be too impressed by the way I can work "dude" into nearly every fictional conversation.

Right.  So, while several issues about Elise's past are addressed, there are several that have left burning holes in my brain.  I want to know more about her.  I want to know about her life before.  I want to see how things are going to turn out now that she's begun to let people into her life.  I think that I'm trying to say that I want more.  No, I'm definitely saying I want more.

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Death's Hand was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Amanda: It was very fun. The MC was hilarious just because she was trying so hard to not allow herself to become involved with anyone.