Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: All's Fair in Love & Seduction (The Elusive Lords #2.5) by Beverley Kendall

Synopsis (Goodreads):
For Miss Elizabeth Smith, sharing her first kiss with the charming Lord Derek Creswell is nothing short of a dream come true...that is, until she is spotted by one of the most relentless and influential gossips of the ton. With scandal nipping at her heels, to avoid total social ruin, Elizabeth must present a fiancé by the end of the Season.

Viscount Derek Creswell believes Elizabeth set out to trap him into marriage. After all, her sister attempted the very same thing with his brother six years ago. Derek would rather see her ruined than be forced to marry a woman capable of such deception--even one as undeniably tempting as Miss Smith.

But not only is scandal a double-edged sword, when a woman is determined...
My Thoughts:  A fun little historical romp with naughty kisses in the garden.  I do like those naughty kisses, in the garden or otherwise.  Now, I haven't read the other books in this series but I had no problem at all jumping in and picking up on who the characters were and how they all related to one another.

Elizabeth is intrigued by Derek and he by her. There's something so sweetly appealing about stolen glances across a crowded room in historical romances.  They make my heart flutter.  Anyway.  I liked that Elizabeth was both shy and unsure yet willing to let herself be consumed by the passion that blazes between them.  Derek throws caution to the wind and lets himself be drawn in by a young, inexperienced debutante.  What can I say?  It worked for me.

Short enough to be read in one sitting yet not lacking in charcter development or sexiness, I thoroughly enjoed myself with this story.

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All's Fair in Love & Seduction was a free Kindle download I picked up 11/14/11.

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