Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: Darkest Powers Bonus Pack (Darkest Powers Trilogy #0.5, 1.5, 2.5) by Kelley Armstrong

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Dangerous (prequel to The Summoning) The story of how Derek and Simon came to Lyle House, told from Derek’s point-of-view

Divided (set between The Summoning and The Awakening) Derek and Simon’s adventures while separated from Chloe and Rae in the factory. Also told from Derek’s point of view.

Disenchanted (overlaps part of The Awakening) Simon and Tori continue their journey after Chloe and Derek are left at the truck stop. Told from Tori’s point of view.
My Thoughts: Now, I had read all three of these short stories when they were posted on Kelley Armstrong's website and, yes, they really were awesome enough for me to purchase when the opportunity presented itself.  I mean, I love love love the Darkest Powers trilogy.  I love the glimpses we get into Derek's head in the two stories he narrates.  I love the snippets we learn by diving back into this world.  In fact, these stories have made me want to re-read the entire series again.  Well played, stories.  Well played.

Dangerous (#0.5) -  The look into Derek's early life was heartbreaking.  His acceptance of his place in the world as a child makes me weepy.  Being taken in by Simon and his dad... Oh, Derek.  I really do love that he was given a chance and managed to make a good life for himself.  Probably my favorite of the three stories because we did get so much insight into the way Derek thinks and how protective he is of Simon.

Divided (#1.5) - Derek's deepening feeling for Chloe begin to make themselves known, although he is still blind to what his sudden protectiveness toward her might mean.  Once again, Derek is so terribly protective of Simon, almost to the point on smothering him.  I just find it so interesting that some of the things that others perceive as arrogance or surliness in Derek is just his way of taking care of those around him.

Disenchanted (#2.5) - Tori's turn at storytelling.  She was another one who showed surprising depth when we climbed into her head.  I did like that we got her rationalization for some of her actions toward Chloe and that we got to see how apart from the others she feels.

Final Thoughts:  Fans of the Darkest Powers series will enjoy the depth these stories add to the books.  Personally, I LOVED them.  I am such a sucker for anything Kelley Armstrong writes, though.  *heads off to go hunt down The Summoning*

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  1. I'm pretty sure that I have The Summoning around somewhere. I should read that...

  2. I love the Darkest Powers! Going to have to check this out. Thanks for the review.

  3. Amber: I love love love the Darkest Powers series. Derek makes a fabulous narrator.