Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World #2) by Jeaniene Frost

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Chicago private investigator Kira Graceling should have just kept on walking. But her sense of duty refused to let her ignore the moans of pain coming from inside a warehouse just before dawn. Suddenly she finds herself in a world she's only imagined in her worst nightmares.

At the center is Mencheres, a breathtaking Master vampire who thought he'd seen it all. Then Kira appears, this fearless, beautiful . . . human who braved death to rescue him. Though he burns for her, keeping Kira in his world means risking her life. Yet sending her away is unthinkable.

But with danger closing in, Mencheres must choose either the woman he craves, or embracing the darkest magic to defeat an enemy bent on his eternal destruction.
My Thoughts: Do I need to tell everyone that I'm completely in love with the Night Huntress series as a whole before I start this review?  Do I need to tell you that I would totally have Cat and Bones and Spade and Mencheres over for dinner... well, no, I probably wouldn't do that because technically I'm dinner and ... yeah.  I'd invite them over to watch movies or something.  We'd party like it's 1999.  We'd have so much fun it would probably be illegal in a dozen states.  So, I'm going to fangirl here.  I'm going to go on and on about how much I adore these guys.  I'm going to get all fluttery and hand flaily and you need to be ready for that.  It's coming.  It's coming like a house on fire.

I love these guys.  I love them.  They're awesome and fun and bloodthirsty and they kick ass when needed.  Mencheres has always been the mysterious one of the group for me.  He's incredibly powerful, older than dirt (heh!) and he is fiercely protective of his line.  I admired the guy before this book but I adored him after.  Seeing how he had lost the will to continue in the beginning HURT.  On the other hand, watching him slowly fall for Kira and become enraptured of her was pretty darn awesome.  I mean, after 900 years of celibacy the poor guy had a lot of pent up tension.  He needed to get laid in a BIG way.  And I wasn't in the least disappointed by his choice of ladies to break that celibacy with.

Kira was a nice foil for Mencheres.  She knew nothing of the power he holds in the vamp community and so it didn't play into her attraction for him.  She liked him because he felt right to her.  She was strong enough to be able to hold her own against him and she wasn't afraid to tell him that he was being an idiot.  <3

I really do love this entire series and I've been so happy with every book that's come out.  I adore all the vampires, periphery and otherwise, and seeing these big, powerful men fall for their lady loves makes me grin stupidly. Now, if only Ian would wise up and get ready to settle down we could get his story.

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  1. One of the reasons I think this romance worked is because Kira was not familiar with the vampire world at all.

  2. I liked that she gave him a reason to "live." And he is not un-hot. Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  3. Amanda: Yes. She wasn't aware of his power and so ended up loving him for who he was, not what he could give her. *huggles Mencheres hard*

  4. Steph: Lol! Exactly! He is absolutely not un-hot.