Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Capture by Brina Courtney

Capture (Cryptid Tales #2) by Brina Courtney
Synopsis (Goodreads):
As the highly anticipated second novel in the Cryptid Tales series, Capture is sure to satisfy the YA SciFi reader. This action packed story picks up right where Reveal left off with Shay realizing that someone she holds close may not be totally lost. But can Hugh, her cryptid mate, protect her from the evil Malsumis? Or will she fall victim to his horrible plans?

One this is for sure, Shay is in for the fight of her life.
My Thoughts: Capture picks up with us taking a look at the events that happened at the end of book 1. Shay and Hugh are trying to blend in and be normal kids (which is a tiny bit difficult due to their golden eyes and the fact that they're irrevocably mated to one another) when chaos descends on Shay's school. Shay and Hugh escape but Malsumis' minions are hot on their tails (must.not.make.shapeshifter.pun) and there aren't many places they can go that won't put their friends or families in danger.

So they flee into the wilds and set up camp in a safe house. And then Shay invites all the other displaced cryptids to them. I'm going to be honest, I was with Hugh on Shay's spur of the moment invitation. She put herself and everyone else in the house in danger because she has so little knowledge of the way the cryptid world works. Yes, things worked out and she's ultimately fulfilling her part of the prophecy but, holy hannah!, didn't your mama ever teach you not to invite strangers into your house when you're being chased by a madman? That said, I liked learning about the different types of cryptids that are roaming the wilds of America and I hope we learn more about their social structure and how some of the more extreme ones have managed to stay hidden from humans.

An entertaining read that tied up several loose ends from book 1 while opening the door for more adventures (and danger) for Shay and Hugh in the future.

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2. Capture - Kindle

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  1. The cover model's eyes are freaking me out a little.

    1. You're going to look up tonight and she'll be loooooking at you from your closet! *patented evil laugh*

    2. Yes, but I'm not really sure how it would be much scarier or weirder than my current dreams.