Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Caressed by Night by Amanda J. Greene

Caressed by Night (Rulers of Darkness #2) by Amanda J. Greene
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Dimitri Arsov, the last remaining pure vampire, was thought to be dead for the past four hundreds years. Now, he is back and has a score to settle with the traitor that had tried to kill him centuries ago. But as he waits for his prey to blindly step into his carefully laid trap, his overwhelming hunger for blood is triggered when he saves a beautiful art historian.

Kerstyn Ingmar’s life was normal and straight up boring until the night she is rescued by the dangerously sexy, powerfully mesmerizing, Dimitri. Unable to resist his diamond blue eyes and intense kisses, she is drawn into his world of darkness and closer to her impending doom.

While their desire consumes them, Dimitri is haunted by images of a bloody and deadly future. As his enemies draw near, he must find a way to save his mate from her destiny before fate destroys them both.
My Thoughts: I was suitably impressed with book 1 in this series and the way it slipped paranormal beasties into a historical romance setting. This book propels us into the present and manages to keep the tension that I enjoyed in the first book alive and humming. It helps that Dimitri is a warrior of the old world who has managed to integrate himself nicely into the present. It also helps that we get to see how characters from book 1 have weathered the years since then. I always love that!

As far as Kerstyn and Dimitri go, they are suitably hot together. Dimitri's gift of foresight puts a little kink in their happily ever after when he keeps seeing Kerstyn's death but, hey, that's the price you pay for being an uber-powerful vampire king. That's right, your lady friend is on the bad guy's menu. Don't worry, guys, Dimitri can stand firm in the face of adversity. What's one more bump in the road? But seriously, I liked the two of them together and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and the really bad things to happen as Dimitri and Kerstyn fell deeper into a relationship.

One thing I'm sucker for are secondary characters with some real meat to their stories. I swear that every vampire here could have their own book written about them. That is just FABULOUS to me. We need more vampire goodness and we need it now. I love it when books leave me waiting impatiently to see whose story we're going to get next.

Books in this series
1: Caressed by Moonlight
2. Caressed by Night

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    2. I find suggestive things EVERYWHERE. It's a gift.

    3. Son of a giraffe shifter, you're right! It *is* a gift. I only hope you use it wisely.