Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Tentacle Love by Suzanne Crawford

Tentacle Love (Alien Breeding and Impregnation Erotica) by Suzanne Crawford
Camilla is taking a shower when she suddenly feels multiple loving arms enfold her -- and then begin to play with her, in every possible erotic spot, all at once.

Alien tentacles stimulate her mercilessly, until Camilla thrills to being bred by the alien.

Warning: This story contains multiple penetration, tentacle sex and impregnation fantasies. Adult readers only!
Our Thoughts:
Amanda: "You are now with child." Bwahahaha. That alien was very sure he had impregnated her.

Kelly: I liked this his seepage was described as "putrid". Yummy.

Amanda: And when he climaxes, his seepage comes out of all tentacles.

Kelly: So he could technically be fucking 7 women at once AND knock them all up! AT THE SAME TIME! WOW! I am duly impressed!

Amanda:  Wait. That would also mean that he has seven penises. I hope none of those seven women have a penis phobia. That would be awkward.

Kelly: In your vast penis research, did you ever come across a fear of multiple penises?

Amanda: I did not. There were two basic penis phobias: fear of penises and fear of erect penises. However. Considering these were tentacles, not strictly penises, I wonder if it would even matter.

Kelly: Valid point. So, was your first foray into tentacular alien sex everything you imagined it would be?

Amanda: That's a hard question to answer, Kelly. I generally like to reserve judgment on new experiences until I've had multiple ones (experiences, that is). I haven't been scared off, which is always a good sign.

Kelly:This is what I like to hear! I'll go start scouring the internet for our next alien tentacle sex adventure!

Amanda: I look forward to that, penile tentacle and all.

Tentacle Love was a free ARE download we picked up 09/08/12.


  1. I love these reviews! I enjoyed last weeks as well. I have to honest though, that book seems beyond creepy. Kudos to y'all for taking that adventure.

    1. We are strong. And brave. With stomachs of iron. We are willing to battle mightily so that you don't have to read these. Or something.

  2. "multiple one..." LOL!

    Tentacular sex FTW! Putrid seepage not so much.

    1. Multiple experiences are important, Smash. Very, very important. They help you get a feel for the way things are done.

    2. Smash: Tentacular sex wins on so many levels. Or... not. Lol!

    3. Amanda: I think we can do better. I want a tentacle story that rocks my socks off. *goes off to look for a sock rockin' story*

    4. I agree. We need a better tentacle sex story.

    5. I have one that's really good but (a) it's kinda long, (b) it's not exactly tentacles (BUT CLOSE), and (c) it's not exactly published.

  3. When you guys were talking about this on Twitter and pointed me to the website where you got this book, THIS IS THE ONE I hoped you guys would read! It just looked ... interesting.

    Can I just say 'ick' about the whole putrid thing? Ick.

    Meanwhile, aside from the above comment, I really have no words for this book. It just seems ... strange. Glad YOU guys read it.

    1. Lol! Tentacles are an acquired taste. Err... wait. That sounds wrong.

  4. Dear, sweet baby Jesus. Seven penises? (Or would that be peni?) I have a strange urge to read this book just so I On second thought, I can't even. You're much braver gals than me. Rock on, reader chicks!