Saturday, October 27, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Frankie's Monster Loves Cock by Amber Drake

Frankie's Monster Loves Cock (Dirty, Filthy Smut 2) by Amber Drake
Synopsis (Amazon):
This sexy undead Nympho needs something hot, hard and satisfying.

When Frankie's lover is run down by a car she knows that she can fix everything and make Hannah all better again.

But Hannah isn't the same. Hannah has woken up with an insatiable need... for sex!

Warning: This 5000 word short story contains hot explicit sex with a reanimated nympho and one scorching biker gang bang.
Our Thoughts:
Amanda: Oh.My.Glob! The title of this book DOES NOT LIE!

Kelly: Frankie's monster does indeed love cock. I was pleased, btw, that there was no SURPRISE ANAL SEX FAKEOUT! Way to take one for the team, Cavewoman Hannah!

Amanda: Hannah wanted ALL THE COCK! In fact, there was a moment where she was running out of places to put cock. What if there had been another man on the beach?

Kelly: O.O Maybe she could have popped her arm stitches and offered up that orifice. Oh, wow. I kinda just grossed myself out there.

Amanda: If it had been a Munchkin, she could have offered up an ear.

Kelly: FIFTY SHADES OF OZ CROSSOVER ALERT! I like it! I also really like that we opened with a blowjob in the front seat of a moving car.

Amanda: Yes. You know how I was just complaining the other day about how the sex doesn't start soon enough in erotica books? No such problem here. It was all about sex with the cock.

Kelly: I must say that blowjob guy had a tiny bit of a gentleman lurking under all his smarm. He made sure his virgin girlfriend (who was told to "put out or get out") came her first time. *wipes a tear* Such a prince.

Amanda: He was more than smarmy, though. He took pleasure in ramming into his no-longer-a-virgin girlfriend and causing her a bit of pain. Giving her an orgasm was almost a second thought. Like, "As long as I'm pounding away down here, I might as well do something for her." Then there was Frankie's brother...

Kelly: You can't blame the bro, really! What hot blooded guy *wouldn't* go after their lesbian sister's hot girlfriend? And really, who doesn't fantasize about said lesbian sister getting it on with the hot girlfriend? Really!

Amanda: *shudders* He fantasized about his sister with a huge BLACK strap-on, giving it to Hannah. *shudders again*

Kelly: I KNOW! I get that guys like a little girl on girl action but that seems a little... odd. However, it does kinda lead into him jumping in with both feet and letting her ride him like an unbroken horse!

Amanda: He was UNDER HANNAH'S SPELL. Or he was under a lust spell. Either way. He gave it to her. I like how the guys who come in her pussy experience the orgasm of their life. In fact, Jack came TWICE. I think Hannah's love of cock was a mutual thing; cocks love Hannah, too.

Kelly: Hahahaha! I think you're on to something! When Frankie brought Hannah back to life she turned her into a heavenly retreat for the cock! MOAR cock for Hannah!

Amanda: You'd think that Hannah is the victim here (since she's the one who got hit by a car and brought back to life) but I think it's Frankie. Frankie is out a girlfriend now.

Kelly: And possibly a brother. He was NOT happy with her medical experimentation.

Amanda: Well, what kind of brother sleeps with your girlfriend? I don't think that's a big loss.

Kelly: Good point. Final question: Do you think this story ended on a happy note?

Amanda: I see Hannah getting more cock. That's a happy note. Yes?

Kelly: Indeed! Plus, blowjob boy gets potentially unlimited blowjobs! Win/win!

Frankie's Monster Loves Cock was a free Kindle download we picked up on 10/19/12.


  1. Kelly, I think you kinda grossed me out, too. Ew!

    Sounds like there was a lot of cock going on!

    1. The cock to orifice ratio was rather high in this book.

    2. Arm stitches! *shudders*

      Amanda nailed it in one with that statement!

  2. Oh wow. I kind of loved this review a lot. And now I'm morbidly curious about this poor Hannah!! I think I'm going to have to buy this book. Well done, ladies!