Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Little Red Hood by Angela Black

Little Red Hood (An Erotic Fairy Tale) by Angela Black
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Something is stalking Red through the woods, an unseen silhouette that dances in the shadows and forces her on a harrowing path of self-realization and sacrifice. If she hopes to make it home alive, she needs to act quickly before everything unravels around her.

Warning: This eBook contains graphic violence, coarse language and sexual intercourse. Adults only.
Our Thoughts:
Kelly: *stares at you*

Amanda: At first I was going to be all, "Hey, you got a #NakedWerewolf!" but then... THERE WAS BARELY ANY SEX. I am very disappointed.

Kelly: I know. It looks like someone forgot to put the erotic in this erotica. *is sad*

Amanda: I was just thinking that the "erotic fairy tale" lacked erotica. I mean, more time was spent with Redding Hood getting turned on by the #NakedWerewolf than anything else. And then she was like, "Shut up and kiss me!" and tried to tackle him to the ground.

Kelly: The attempted tackling was kinda hilarious. Speaking of which, I had no idea that werewolves could fly. None! In all my years of concentrated werewolf research, never once has this come to light.

Amanda: He flew and then they rolled around all night. I would have thought that #NakedWerewolves would be a little more... fun than that.

Kelly: A little more dominant? A little rougher? A little more with the naked time?

Amanda: Yes to all of that. Were you satisfied with your #NakedWerewolf time?

Kelly: Not really. I feel like we were cheated out of some good wolfman fucking. My disappointment is crushing me.

Amanda: Do we need to read another book to get rid of your disappointment? Because I almost felt like this book was a teaser for more fucking. Foreplay, if you will.

Kelly: YES! Another book is needed. I need to cleanse my palate with some filth!

Amanda: And let's hope we get our filth quota with the next book.

Kelly: *crosses fingers*

Little Red Hood was a free Kindle download we picked up 10/02/12.


  1. Wait! HA. I say the same thing you do at the end. I think it's supposed to be "And let's hope we get our filth quota with the next book."

    1. Oops. My cut and paste fingers weren't in sync. Lol! FIXED!

    2. YAY! BTW, I think our next GLA needs to have more #NakedWerewolf filth.

    3. I will never disagree when you say MOAR #NAKEDWEREWOLF FILTH!

  2. LOL! Love you ladies, but what a let down! Red's hood didn't get much play. Boo.

    #FlyingNakedWerewolves FTW!

    1. DANGIT! I wish I had used that play on words in the review. IT'S BRILLIANT! Red's hood! HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. A werewolf who fly? No sex in an erotica? I'm just laughing so hard right now XD

    1. It was a very disappointing story as far as the erotica went. BRING ON THE SEX!

  4. Ha! Well, at least you learned more about werewolves! Maybe we'll see them flying through the air a little more? Though, maybe he should've spent less time flying and more time sexing Red up.

    1. He did sex her up, he just didn't do it graphically. I WANT GRAPHIC SEX IN MY DIRTY WEREWOLF STORIES!