Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Sugar on Top by Leigh Ellwood

Sugar on Top by Leigh Ellwood
Synopsis (Goodreads):
What happens when a werewolf with an appetite for lust finds an undercover reporter hiding in his pantry? A feast for all senses.
Our Thoughts:
(Due to technical difficulties, Amanda started reading the book before I did. She very kindly decided to give me a teaser to motivate me to get on the ball and get this bad boy read...)

Amanda: Here's a teaser: "Fly Melina to the moon with a few swats to her clit, more than likely."

Kelly:  I like this one!

Amanda: Invisible sex!


Amanda: He was all, "Stay invisible" and she was like, "Okay," and then he was like, "I can see my cock inside you." And THAT is how you do invisible sex.

Kelly: That's how you do invisible sex with a #NakedWerewolf! RAWR! Might I just add, those #NakedWerewolves really know how to eat!

Amanda: He sure liked Sugar, didn't he?

Kelly: He did seem to have a sweet tooth where Sugar was concerned. He wasn't very picky, though, as far as his partners went. The stripping faerie would have worked. Or his manservant. Sugar was just lucky that it was her ass he ended up licking.

Amanda: OMG! When he was talking about doing his manservant, he mentioned that his cock was SO HARD it could go right through clothes. All he needed was for his manservant to be bending over and SLAM, BAM, THANK YOU.....SIR. Surprise anal sex!

Kelly: I've always said that werewolves do it better! Warner just proves my point. Better. Harder. Longer. All the rimming, half the wait!

Amanda: Are you ready for your turn with Warner? I bet he'd take you.

Kelly:  That's not really a glowing recommendation. Warner would do anything with a pulse (and some without) when it's that time of the month.

Amanda: A #NakedWerewolf has to do what a #NakedWerewolf has to do. As they say.

Kelly: Nudity really works in a werewolf's favor at times like this. Or so I gathered by Warner's enthusiastic pursuit of an orifice to plunge himself into.

Amanda: Didn't we learn a similar lesson from one of our other GLA books? With Princess Snow? Nudity works well for a lot of things. Even partial nudity works!

Kelly: That's right. She had surprise anal sex, too! Let this be a lesson to everyone -- wear sturdy clothes at all times or you just mind find your booty plundered! The alternate lesson is to not sit on fiery dwarfs because they'll burn a hole in your dress. Also, don't bend over during your werewolf employers time of the month because when a werewolf needs some sexin', a werewolf needs some sexin'.

Amanda: We might need to catalog all the lessons we've learned from these books. I think our readers could benefit from them.

Kelly: Let's be honest, I think the WORLD could benefit from what we learn from these books. *nods*

Amanda: You're not wrong.

Sugar on Top was a free ARE download we picked up 10/06/12.


  1. What?!??! I don't even want to KNOW about invisible sex. That just sounds ... weird.

    I think you guys should outline the things you learn in these books. It would be AWESOME.

    1. You only think it sounds weird because you haven't tried it yet. *nods* Trust me on this.