Saturday, October 6, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Sweet Surprise by Leigh Ellwood

Sweet Surprise (Sweet Sierra #1) by Leigh Ellwood
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Creepy Sierra Glade isn't on the list of any delivery driver's favorite stops, so when Josie is stuck bringing Dixie Belle Ice Cream to the local sweet shop the last thing she expects is a one-man barricade. Gorgeous, hunky Lur has issues with Dixie Belle and intends to take it out on poor Josie, one orgasm at a time.

Sweet Surprise is a companion piece to Leigh Ellwood's Sugar on Top. If you enjoy these stories, please check out more by Leigh Ellwood - Enter Sandman, Under Covers, Voyeur, and books in the Dareville series.
Our Thoughts
Amanda: So, let me ask you: did the use of ice cream satisfy you in this book? It's used a bit more than in our last ice cream book.

Kelly: Yes. I found much more satisfaction in the creative use of ice cream this time around.

Amanda: Even though the ice cream was only used on Josie's toes? Whipped cream and cherries were used in other places.

Kelly: Ahh... her toes weren't the only placed that got creamed.

Amanda: She got creamed all over the place, actually. You know what else I liked? She was ready to orgasm just by looking at her pirate pedestrian. Also, she got her deep-dicking. And she changed her name mid-story to Julie, and then back to Josie again. I wonder if that was the pirate pedestrian's magnificent magic that did it.

Kelly: Hey! Some guys are just SO GOOD it only takes one look to get a lady's motor revving to the boiling point. Wait. I missed a mid-story name change? Curses!

Amanda: Yup. She went from Josie to Julie to Josie in the space of a few paragraphs. It was magical! Oh, and let's speculate: Josie got her deep-dicking with pirate pedestrian (did he have a name? If he did, I've forgotten it) in the cab of her delivery vehicle. Supposedly, the windows and windshield were fogged over, though Josie talks about being able to see the helicopter outside. How much do you suppose their sexcapes were witnessed by the rest of Sierra Glade?

Kelly: I postulate that ALL of it was seen by the fine citizens of Sierra Glade. I believe they were given a standing O once they had finished. (heh) Also, I think I love the phrase "deep-dicking". I'm going to try to slip it into casual conversation to see people's reactions.

Amanda: Oh, slip in the deep-dicking comment? You deserve a #GutterPass for that comment.

Kelly: Thank you. I've been slacking on the #GutterPass-ing lately. I think a little deep-dicking will get things moving again. PS: The pedestrian pirate's name was Lur. I'm trying to imagine shouting that out in a moment of passion... Oh, LUR! *stares* I don't know. Oh, hey. If his sister's name is Dixie Belle, does that make his name Lur Belle?

Amanda: Oh yeah! Lur. Gee, with a name like that, how could I ever forget? Didn't Josie get all wet and excited over his name?

Kelly: I think she liked the way it rolled off her tongue. And then she liked the way his tongue rolled off her clit. *finger guns*

Amanda: She was a big fan of his mouth and what he did with it.

Kelly: She was a big fan of his mouth before he even got in the truck. I believe there was some internal dialogue about spontaneous clit explosion. And the mental picture for that one makes me cringe.

Amanda: Yes! I remember the clit explosion part. I almost tweeted that line at you when I read it. I'm all about the sharing.

Kelly: Lur and Josie/Julie are all about the sharing, too! They like to share their sexploits with the good citizens of Sierra Glade. They like to... umm... actually, that's the only thing I can come up with. Huh.

Amanda: OH WAIT. I just remembered another use for the ice cream! It was only referred to... but... Josie does talk about cooling her pussy on a carton of ice cream after seeing Lur because he was making her so hot.

Kelly: YES! She was going to sit on it to quench the fires that his ravishing presence kindled. Honestly, that doesn't seem very sanitary.

Amanda: I bet Lur would have liked her pussy-contaminated ice cream.

Kelly: O.O

Sweet Surprise was a free ARE download we picked up 09/28/12.


  1. What's with the character changing their name in the past two stories? It just seems weird ...

    Oh, and remind me to not eat ice cream for a while.

    1. Ask Kelly how long she wanted to eat ice cream after reading this book.

    2. IT WAS HOT THE DAY WE READ THIS! My ice cream craving had nothing to do with this story!

  2. So, I didn't get a good look at the cover for this at first, but... there are very strong phallic tones there.

    1. I think you're imagining things. I just see a hard, cream filled thing to suck on.