Saturday, October 6, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Tentacle Double Penetration by CJ Smalls

Tentacle Double Penetration by CJ Smalls
Synopsis (Amazon):
Donna’s getting tired of blind date after blind date set up by her friend Sally. Sally sets her up for one more date with a man named Nathan Forester. Of course Donna doesn’t want another awkward date that leads nowhere, but when her friend promises no more matchmaking if this one doesn’t work out, she accepts. She’s pleasantly surprised. Nathan is charming and sweet, and after a long dry spell she’s ready to drink up the handsome man. Sex with Nathan, though, isn’t anything she could have expected, but with particular genetics, she’ll soon find that double penetration is harder, stronger, and better when tentacles are involved!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during an alien tentacle sex encounter. It includes rough sex, oral sex, tentacle sex, anal sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
Our Thoughts:
Amanda: This book certainly provides us with a new take on cocks.

Kelly: I think my favorite thing was that the main girl character's name started out as Donna and switched to Amy mid-stream. *high five*

Amanda: I *thought* something was weird there, but I was too distracted by her being 22, "hopelessly single," and a grad student. Actually, when Nate yelled her name when he came, I was like, "Wait, is that her name?" but I was too scarred to go back and search for it.

Kelly: Scarred? What's that you say? The nest of tentacles at his groin scarred you? How can you say that? He was all about her pleasure. Filling her up. In more ways than one.

Amanda: You know what? He's got an adjustable cock. Not enough cock? NO PROBLEM. He just inserts another tentacle into whatever orifice needs filling.

Kelly: Exactly. He custom fits himself to whatever the lady needs. Bravo, Nate. BRAVO! On the double plus side, only his groin tentacles came. Unlike the last tentacle book we read. Of course, they came A LOT, but still...

Amanda: All his tentacles were in his groin region. And I'm pretty sure that all his tentacles came. I guess it depends on how many tentacles he had. Because Nate had seven tentacles in Donna/Amy (four in the front and three in the back for those who were curious). I suppose if you're coming from seven tentacles, you're going to come a lot.

Kelly: I think he had other tentacles, too. Ones that acted like hands but weren't groin tentacles. Amy specifically mentioned the mass of tentacles at his groin and the tentacles that went down his legs. He was tentacular!

Amanda: Yes, but he took his shirt off without any other tentacles. Were there any mention of him using his tentacles in other ways while having sex? I'll wait for you to check.

Kelly: He was touching her all over. He had some tentacles up by her mouth, her throat, her shoulders, and some by her feet. There were LONG tentacles. And how did you know I was going to tell *you* to take your time checking? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Amanda: Yes, but that was BEFORE he started with the double penetration. You might have to reread this story so we can get it straight.

Kelly: I've already read it twice. All his tentacles were below the waist but they weren't all penis tentacles. I'm 87% certain that I can provide proof of this. Maybe.

Amanda: How do you tell penile tentacles from non-penile tentacles? That's what I want to know.

Kelly: "He had tentacles lying down the length of his otherwise normal legs; actual tentacles, thick and dark and fleshy with a dull shine to their black surfaces as if they were slightly moist. And - this is what really had me frozen in shock - instead of a cock he had a mass of the things writhing between his legs." (locations 96-106)

And to answer your question: I don't know. Maybe it's an inborn gift that Amy/Donna has.

Amanda: Well, Amy/Donna really did like those tentacles. Except when she was afraid they weren't going to fit. My answer, though: they were all penile tentacles. Penile tentacles in the mouth, on the breasts, EVERYWHERE. (Penile tentacles for everyone!) Actually, I wonder if Nate is bi-sexual. I think he needs to meet the seven troll kings. He'd have places to put all his tentacles! Imagine the fun!

Kelly: Holy Toledo! The shenanigans would be ENDLESS!

Tentacle Double Penetration was a free Kindle download we picked up 09/22/12.


  1. Bah! An adjustable cock ... that's just head-shakingly hilarious.

    I also have to say that one of my favourite things about these reviews is the first line of the review. Perfect!

    Ha ha ... Penile tentacles for everyone!

    1. *fingers guns* Tentacled aliens know how to treat their ladies right!

  2. Oh what a freebie I missed ;)
    Oh this book makes me LOL

  3. Penile tentacles... LOL. I would run away if a guy had those.

    1. Donna/Amy was a little scared at first, but she adjusted. And she sure ended up liking them!

  4. ADJUSTABLE PENILE TENTACLES!!! The gift that keeps on giving.

    Maybe once you go Alien, you have to change your name.