Saturday, November 24, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Blue Cheesecake by Charity Parkerson

Blue Cheesecake by Charity Parkerson
Synopsis (Amazon):
One taste of what they’re serving will keep you coming back for more…

Beth has always adored all things Science Fiction. When a new restaurant comes to town that is shaped exactly like a U.F.O. she has to try it out. However, things aren’t what they seem at the home of the Earth’s best blue cheesecake.
#InSixSexWords: A missed opportunity with that tail!

Our Thoughts:
Amanda: I like cheesecake, but not enough to fuck it.

Kelly: Ha! Really? That's so... weird.

Amanda: I also don't think I'd want blue cheesecake.

Kelly: I'd be worried that my mouth would turn blue while on my date. That wouldn't be awkward at all.

Amanda: Well, it depends who your date is, Kelly. If it's Scott, maybe that would be a good thing. If it's Argi, it might look like you're doing something else with your mouth.

Kelly: You are SO right! Speaking of Scott... WHY is Beth with him if he annoys her that much???

Amanda: Perhaps because Argi hasn't fucked Beth enough yet to make her remember him.

Kelly: Ahh, Argi. I have a very probing question to ask: Alien lovers - tails or no tails? What's your preference?

Amanda: Heh. Probing. I would have liked more penetration. Seems like they missed an opportunity for extra penetration with that tail.

Kelly: YES! I thought the same thing! Argi could have REALLY given it to her.

Amanda: Additionally, we could have had some double penetration here, too. Because what's an erotica without a little surprise anal penetration?

Kelly: OMG! We did not get any surprise anal sex in this book. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS???

Amanda: The end of the world is coming.

Kelly: Good thing Argi has a spaceship. We can all escape into the great beyond and feast on his blue cheesecake. Hubba hubba!

Amanda: How many times do you think Beth would have to have sex with Argi before she stops forgetting him?

Kelly: I don't know. That was a little weird. I mean, she was totally down with him and what he could do to her, why was she made to forget?

Amanda: I can believe being fucked into oblivion, but I don't know that Argi was that good.

Kelly: Maybe if he had used his tail to its full potential.

Amanda: YES. The appendage to orifice ratio was not what it could have been in this book.

Blue Cheesecake was a free Kindle download we picked up on 11/17/12.


  1. I just can't get over the title and the synopsis. Blue Cheesecake? A UFO-shaped restaurant? Hm.

    1. One of the reasons we decided to read this one was because of the title. It's so... odd.