Saturday, November 24, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Double Penetration by he Warehouse Ghosts by Cordelia Montgomery

Double Penetration by the Warehouse Ghosts by Cordelia Montgomery
Synopsis (Amazon):
Tamara’s brother Andy is obsessed with ghosts. It’s a good thing he has plenty of money because he spends every waking hour investigating spirits and paranormal activity. Tammy can usually get out of it, but this time, she ends up setting up cameras for him so he can see if there’s any truth to rumors of ghosts at a warehouse. While she’s setting up, she gets plenty of evidence of her own because invisible hands, invisible mouths and invisible cocks are taking her before she knows what’s happening, and it’s a paranormal rough sex experience complete with her first anal sex and a scorching double penetration.
#InSixSexWords: Ghostly, mid-air fucking; SURPRISE ANAL SEX!

Our Thoughts:
Kelly: Oh, Warehouse Ghosts! You sure do know how to show a girl a good time!

Amanda: We got a threesome IN THE AIR.


Amanda: But how much of a surprise was it? I mean, granted, she wanted the second ghosts' cock in her mouth, but she did feel his hands on her ass before he plunged in. Does that count as a surprise?

Kelly: I think it does. She was... unprepared for him, so to speak. He just dove on in.

Amanda: She wasn't prepared for the first cock in her mouth, either.

Kelly: Surprise deep throating?

Amanda: I guess. She did mention gagging a couple times.

Kelly: I guess it's hard to tell how deep the cock is going when you can't see it. o.O

Amanda: Why do the ghosts have to take off her clothes? I feel like ghosts shouldn't be hindered by clothes. Now THAT would lend itself well to surprise penetration.

Kelly: *pauses* You are SO RIGHT! Really, they should just power through her clothes. WHY HAS THIS NEVER OCCURRED TO ME?

Amanda: You're not on cold meds anymore. *scampers off to take more cold meds to keep the brilliant ideas coming*

Kelly: Curse my now-healthy self! So, what'd you think of the story overall? Good sex? Bad sex? More sex? Nicely titillating?

Amanda: It would have been more fun if the beginning hadn't been forced and she'd just... welcomed ALL THE COCK from the beginning. You know, "YES! Cock in my mouth! YES! Cock in my pussy!" and so on. Being up in the air was cool, though.

Kelly: She had a... let's call it a healthy skepticism about what was happening to her at first. Understandable, I think. She embracing it willingly soon enough.

Amanda: Less skepticism, more willing sex.

Kelly: So that's your final thought, huh? You just wanted her to take it and take it hard. Niiiiice.

Amanda: Always thinking the deep thoughts, I am.

Kelly: That's just one of the reasons I like you so much!

Double Penetration by the Warehouse Ghosts was a free Kindle download we picked up on 11/15/12.


  1. Aw man, it's not free anymore! I spend part of my work time in a warehouse, I needed to know what to be prepared for! I don't think I want Surprise ANY kind of sex! lmao! Was it worth .99 do you think?

    1. *hint* Be prepared for nudity and double penetration. Annnnd... go!

  2. I just can't get over the mid-air sex -- crazy!