Saturday, December 1, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Take Your Teddy to Work Day by Mimi Strong

Take Your Teddy to Work Day (Her Teddy Bear #2) by Mimi Strong
Synopsis (Amazon):
Naomi wakes up with a big, tall man in her little double-sized bed. What's she to do with him? They start with breakfast, enjoying each other in the sunshine of the breakfast nook.

Trevor takes her to his work, and they "play house" in the show suite at a new housing development. Later, Naomi takes him to her work place, where he helps her make some very special photocopies.

Somewhere in the midst of all the smoldering sex, however, some feelings are starting to burn. These feelings will not be denied.
InSixSexWords: Mimi Strong delivers sex and fun.

Our Thoughts:
Amanda: So, what did you think about this one? Did it help your disappointment from the not-wolf packed pussy book?

Kelly: Well... I did enjoy that he tried to fork her while they were spooning. Lolol! I just like how fun Mimi Strong's books are. Plus, Naomi really got nailed, didn't she? A couple of times. So... Yes. It did help.

Amanda: Honestly, I wanted more sexing. There was too much relationship stuff. Bring teh sex!

Kelly: Lol! They had sex, like, four or five times in this story. I liked it. I liked when Trevor scored with Naomi in the breakfast nook and on the dresser and on the photocopy machine and in his bed. Okay. I guess it was four times.

Amanda: Fair enough. Then I retract my original statement and I will say instead that I wish there was less everything in between the sexcapes. The photocopy machine sex was pretty funny. Nothing like getting your ass copied.

Kelly: Yep. Naomi appeared to like watching things progress by the green glow of the photocopier! WHO DOESN'T???

Amanda: Oh, and we should mention THE HAIR. I was a little surprised his peen wasn't covered in hair, too.

Kelly: I believe there was a small mention about how he had some hair on his shaft. Near the base maybe. This was during Naomi's frank discussion with her sister where she told her it doesn't chafe as long as she's wet enough. And Trevor makes her weeeeeeeeet.

Amanda: Yes. And we got some toe sucking here as well.

Kelly: Trevor certainly liked that, didn't he. He also seems to enjoy sex in semi-public places. *waggles brows*

Amanda: I think Trevor likes sex. They just happened to be in semi-public places when he wanted (and got) it.

Kelly: *thinks about that* I think you may have hit on something here! I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that while we got sexy toe sucking, we did not have a single instance of SURPRISE ANAL SEX!

Amanda: Does that disappoint you?

Kelly: I'm always vaguely disappointed when we don't get the surprise anal sex. EVERYBODY LOSES OUT WITHOUT IT!

Amanda: And we're 0 for 2 this week with SURPRISE ANAL SEX.

Kelly: I... think that's a record. Here's to hoping that our next set of reviews garners us the SURPRISE ANAL SEX!

Take Your Teddy to Work Day was a free Kindle download we picked up on 11/05/12.


  1. I had to check to see if that was the actual book synopsis because it read more like a plot outline.

    1. Yep. It is the actual synopsis! And it's very accurate, might I add.

  2. Ha ha ... I love that book synopsis! Because the guy just couldn't stay at home ...

    Still, looks intriguing!

    1. He *had* to go in. And then he had to get in her, if you know what I mean!

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