Saturday, December 1, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Wolf Packed Pussy by Kelly Sanders

Wolf Packed Pussy by Kelly Sanders
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Synopsis (Amazon):
A group of horny teenage girls are chased through the woods by a pack of werewolves when their car breaks down along a country lane in the middle of the night. They reach an old abandoned shack and hole up inside in the hopes of evading their hairy pursuers, but the shabby wooden door proves to be no problem for the powerful wolves, who proceed to invade the house and ravage their petite, young prey.
InSixSexWords: Pussy not really packed with wolf

Our Thoughts:
Amanda: "Hot, milky wolf jizz."

Kelly: *finger guns*

Amanda: There was quite a bit of tingling, wasn't there?

Kelly: And jolts of electricity through her clit. I....don't know if that sounds enjoyable, to be honest.

Amanda: I liked how she didn't mention to her friends that her panties were moistening. Is that something they would normally share with each other?

Kelly: In this type of book? Absolutely.

OH MY GLOB! I just realized that we got NO SURPRISE ANAL SEX in this book.

Amanda: There was a surprise blow job. ("Here's my cock. Suck it.")

Kelly: True. Oh, hey! The wolfmen didn't speak, did they? They're the strong, silent, gonna-bone-you-like-mad type.

Amanda: I like how our heroine knew that the wolfmen were coming (heh) to bone them and not to, you know, maul and kill them or something.

Kelly: Yes. That was... odd. I guess her electric clit clued her in.

Amanda: Or maybe her clit is psychic and the only way it can let her know what's going on is to jolt her with tingles.

Kelly: Ha! The magical jolting clit! I'm SURE that's it! Now, I have to tell you, I was a little disappointed in this book. When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be one pussy packed to the brim with wolfmen. Alas, this was not so.

Amanda: Yes, the pussy packing was minimal. In fact, some of the pussy petting (well, licking, but pussy petting is more fun) was left up to one of our heroine's friends.

Kelly: Ahh, yes. Well, if you can't end a night of unrestrained fucking with your friend going down on you, how are you going to end it?

Amanda: With your pussy packed full of wolfmen.

Kelly: Hmmph. I'm still disappointed that there was only one wolf per girl. *sulks*

Amanda: We must rectify this situation immediately.

Kelly: *perks up*

Wolf Packed Pussy was a free Kindle download we picked up on 11/13/12.


  1. Definitely first thing on a Saturday morning material. Bravo ladies! So the blurb mentions petite young prey, how petite were they really, and did it help the situation, or no?

    1. Hmm... I don't remember their petiteness causing any difficulties, if you know what I mean. They were able to take everything the wolfmen gave them. *finger guns*

  2. The synopsis sounds okay, but I think I'd be disappointed, too ...

    1. Right? A little double-teaming woudl have been nice!