Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Highland Games by Laura Hunsaker

Highland Games (Magic of the Highlands #1.5) by Laura Hunsaker
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Malcolm “Colm” MacRobert is ordered by his chief to travel through time and return with a woman. Not just any woman, the daughter of Laird and Lady Grant. There’s one problem, though. Everyone knows the Grants never had a daughter. Who is he bringing back? And why is she so important that his laird using the village witch to send Colm over 200 years into the future?

When Piper Grant agreed to take her friend’s place on a trip to Scotland, she didn’t know it was a singles tour. Desperately trying to avoid her fellow tourists, she wanders around the Highland Games being held at Blair Castle, however she can’t shake the feeling that someone’s watching her.

After one glance, Colm knows Piper is meant for him. The hard part is convincing her that he’s not crazy, and that he really needs her. Colm takes Piper with him back to 1793 Scotland hoping that she’ll eventually forgive him. With a witch aligning their fates as if pieces on a chessboard, Colm and Piper have more than their own relationship to worry about.

Can Colm win Piper’s heart, save his clan, and come out unscathed?
My Thoughts: Not going to lie, Highlanders fascinate me. It's the kilts. And the swords. And the muscles. Time-traveling Highlanders happen to hold a special place in my loins heart. Time-traveling Highlanders who find their lady loves through the machinations of a devious witch ... bliss!

Now, normally men who make life-altering decisions for the ladies in their lives don't get high marks in my book. But... I get where Colm was coming from in this case. I mean, how many girls do you know who would just believe a guy when he says he from the past? Not many. So he took matters into his own hands (so to speak) and proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I liked the twist about Piper and her connection to the past. I liked Colm's rather Alpha attitude toward her. I liked the ominous setup with the witch. Some people just can't be trusted, can they?

All in all, this was a fun, deliciously sexy read with a hunky Highlander. *dreamy thumbs up*

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  1. bwahahahah! You mean loins and the heart aren't the same thing?

    1. HAHAHA! I don't remember writing that! Okay, I've officially made myself laugh today. HA!

  2. Should I read the first in the series before picking this one up?

    1. I didn't read the first and I didn't have a problem. You're given enough clues to figure things out. Then again, I might have been distracted by the Highlander and his mighty sword. #JustSayin'