Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: Temping is Hell by Cathy Yardley

Temping is Hell (Necessary Evil #1) by Cathy Yardley
Synopsis (Goodreads):

Kate O'Hara can't wait until this temp assignment is over. The woman who hired her is a psychotic pageant queen, her coworkers are convicts-turned-clerks, and it's so boringly corporate it makes her skin crawl. Even her sexy-as-sin boss, famed billionaire Thomas Kestrel, isn't enticement enough to keep her there. Once she makes enough to pay off her bills, she's out. Or so she thinks...


Next thing she knows, she's accidentally signed over her soul. Literally. And she's discovered Thomas's real mission: to kill thirteen bad guys in one year, in order to get his—now his and Kate’s—souls back.


From learning to boost the morale of some paper-pushing demons to navigating her way through blood-red tape, Kate has to work closely with her super-hot supervisor and get her flaky act together, before somebody clocks her out—permanently!
My Thoughts: This book was exactly what I was looking for when I picked it up. It's sassy, light-hearted despite its sometimes dark subject matter, and Kate's willingness to jump in and risk herself in practically any situation made me just love her to pieces. Her complete inability to keep her mouth shut might have helped fan the flames of my wicked fangirl adoration. I love it when characters speak their mind in entirely inappropriate ways. LOVE IT!

This book laid some very nice groundwork for the series. We got some diabolical dealings, some demons (of both the diabolical and non-diabolical persuasion), a fierce friendship that is severely tested by circumstances beyond Kate's control, and a relationship that smolders in the best sort of way. Throw in backstabbing, deals signed in blood, and a press conference that would make an entire PR department cringe and you've got the makings for something outstanding.

Now, I love Kate. I love that she's willing to stand up for the underdog. I love that she's DRIVEN to do this. She's strong and determined to do what's right and the fact that her family doesn't see this is just a sad, sad thing. Families are weird that way, aren't they? Thomas... well, I kinda loved him too. Even though he was less than truthful. Even though he put Kate at risk. I get where he was coming from. I get that he's between and rock and a hard place. I get that he's running out of time and he needs to make things happen NOW. I didn't necessarily like some of the things he did, but I understood it.

I imagine that things are going to get much worse -- and much more heated for our heroes -- before they get better. Kate's tell-it-like-it-is attitude will likely land her in hot water again. Thomas's situation will probably put him in the position of having to make some hard decisions that risk both his and Kate's life down the road. You know what? Watching those two butt heads is half the fun. I'm excited!

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  1. Replies
    1. I had SO MUCH fun reading this book. I seriously can't wait to see what happens in book 2.

  2. I need to get this book! I keep hearing good (fun) thinigs about it!

    1. Not to sound like a broken record or anything but... OMG! SO FUN! Seriously, I was cracking up over it!

  3. I'm always on the look out for a good sassy and light book!!