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Series review: Taken by the Pack by Cat Scofield

A frightening encounter in a dark alley and a rescue by a man who's more than he seems starts off this series. Things get steadily more dangerous for the poor human woman who finds out that sometimes the things that go bump in the night are REALLY DAMN SCARY.

Books in the Taken by the Pack series
1. Full Moon - Kindle
2. Star-Kissed - Kindle
3. Midnight Eyes - Kindle
4. Nightfire - Kindle
5. Blood Price - Kindle
Taken by the Pack: Collection #1 (Full Moon, Star-Kissed, Midnight Eyes) - Kindle
Cat Scofield's books at Barnes & Noble - Nook

Full Moon
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lisa Bright, a young and curious Los Angeles music journalist, has no idea what she's in for when she tries to sneak into the exclusive underground Club Other. There are creatures inside beyond belief, men with claws and fur and toothy smiles...

But after an almost deadly encounter with the terrifying Old Pete, Lisa's only hope lies with Toby, a gorgeous werewolf with a southern drawl. She's about to fall into a dangerous world of blood and romance with no way out...
My Thoughts: Oh, Lisa. You poked your nose into the wrong business here, didn't you? Not that I can blame her -- as a music journalist, Club Other would have been like... uhh, waving a rare steak in front of a hungry werewolf. Generally speaking, things don't end well for the steak. Just saying. Except that in my analogy, Club Other would have been the steak. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! Okay. Use your imagination.

Anywho. Lisa gets tangled up in something she wasn't prepared for and hunky Toby steps in to save her. Toby gets some quality outdoor boning time, Lisa gets a wolfish lover. I think everybody wins in this scenario. Oh, and there's a bad guy. He wants to do horrible, nasty, no-good things to Lisa -- including, but not limited to, killing her and disposing of the body. Good thing she has Toby to keep her safe!

Time for book 2 now!

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Old Pete has a taste for blood, and he wants Lisa's head on a plate in order to protect the secrecy of the Los Angeles werewolf community. Her only hope of escape lies with the gorgeous were Toby and his mysterious friend Warren, a were living in exile from the LA pack.

But this road-trip isn't going to be easy. For starters, Old Pete is hot on their trail, and he's not going to stop until either he or Lisa is dead. Secondly, the problem of Warren and Toby. How is Lisa supposed to choose between the two... or does she even have to choose at all?
My Thoughts: Picking up right where book 1 left off, Lisa and Toby meet up with sexy artist and loner Warren as they try to avoid Old Pete and his diabolical plans. There's some werewolf on werewolf fighting and then there's a whole lot of werewolf on girl on werewolf sexin'. I liked the sexin' part.

Progressing the storyline nicely, Lisa and her boys will be heading out of LA now to try to find a way to protect her from the bad guy. I see plenty of opportunity for lots of sexy times on the road. BRING IT, WEREWOLVES! Bring it!

Midnight Eyes
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Denver is the first stop on the long road to DC, and Toby has a plan. A local were can put the trio in contact with his father, a high-ranking DC Alpha, who can win them an audience with the Alpha Father. But not everyone in Denver are charitable types, and a lot of folk are willing to serve up Lisa's head on a plate.

Lisa Bright is earning enemies everywhere she goes, but at least she still has her two gorgeous boys to protect her... or does she?
My Thoughts: Things are heating up for Lisa and her boys as they complete the first part of their roadtrip. Denver is not a very inviting city for them, as it turns out.

Once again, we have a little blood, more than a little danger, a betrayal, and a whole lot of sexin'. Well, maybe not a whole lot. But enough to keep me happy! Plus! We learn what the boys plan on doing about Lisa's little "Old Pete wants her dead" problem. She doesn't seem to be 100% behind it at this point, but I have faith that she'll change her tune. Eventually. After enough rounds of double-teaming by her boys.

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lisa Bright and her two werewolf lovers, Toby and Warren, are finally getting things sorted out. They're on the way to DC, where they're hoping to win an audience with the Alpha Father - the only person who can give permission to make Lisa one of the pack, and thus protect her from the murderous intentions of Old Pete, who has been tracking them since their encounter in California.

But nobody does anything for free in the were community, and before Lisa gets to stand before the Alpha Father she's going to have to do some favours... favours that might lead her to her death...
My Thoughts: Lisa, Toby, and Warren have stepped out of the frying pan that was Denver and into the proverbial fire. Or not so proverbial, if we're going to get technical. Lisa and her boys aren't taking the easy road to DC, that's for sure! They're also accruing a nice set of enemies along the way. Which is NOT GOOD for their continued well-being, if I do say so myself.

So far in this series we've been given danger, intrigue, more danger, sexy times, more sexy times, double the pleasure sexy times, and werewolves. *swoon* I am really, really enjoying this series overall. Toby and Warren's commitment to Lisa is sometimes sweet, sometimes rough, often dirty, and sometimes in the shower with a bar of soap. *bats lashes* There are secrets being uncovered and I have to say that the characters are showing more and more depth as their journey continues. *draws sparkly hearts around them* They are so fun!

The only downside to this installment is that it does leave those poor characters in a rather danger-filled situation. That's my PSA. We have a cliffhanger here. Poor characters! I hope they get out of it soon!

Blood Price
Synopsis (Goodreads)
Lisa Bright is in big trouble.

In NIGHTFIRE, she and her two werewolf lovers, Toby and Warren, made a delivery on behalf of DC Alpha Master Jacoby. But the delivery was a failure, and now Lisa, Toby and Warren are prisoners of Ms Ariel and the terrifying Old Pete.

Old Pete wants Lisa and her boys dead, but Ms Ariel has other plans. She's orchestrating something big, something that could shift the balance of power completely within the were community and leave her at the top of the heap. There's a war brewing, and Lisa is a pawn on the board... unless she and her boys can escape and bring an end to it.
My Thoughts: *flails quietly in the corner* Holy crumb! What have Lisa and her boys been dropped in the middle of??? Yes, things are definitely heating up for our heroes. Not in a literal sense this time. More in a "I'm going to cut you good and leave you to rot" sort of way. This installment puts me in the position of not knowing which bad guy I dislike more -- Ms Ariel or Old Pete. They're both despicable, it's just a matter of which is worse.

Okay, so bad things have happened. No, bad things are happening. Lisa, Toby, and Warren are in a situation that's unpredictable and dangerous. Especially to Lisa who doesn't have that fast-acting healing ability that the boys do. How they're going to all get out in one piece is anyone's guess. I mean, they have the rough outline of a plan but things don't always go according to plan for these guys. Do they? No. No, they don't.

I am *really* enjoying this series as a whole. The relationships are sweet/sexy/naughty and the danger just keeps coming. I'm crossing my fingers that they all emerged unscathed from their ordeal. It turns out I like my werewolves with all their limbs attached.

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Star-Kissed was a free Kindle download I picked up on 01/24/13 for the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge.
Full Moon, Midnight Eyes, Nightfire & Blood Price were provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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