Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Keeper of Secrets by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

Keeper of Secrets (Champion of the Sidhe #5) by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Poisoned with dark magic and suffering the Fade, Lugh’s fighting a battle within himself. One that endangers everyone around him. And if he can’t complete his quest for the new fey realm before the dark corruption possesses him, all hope for the fey may be lost.
My Thoughts: Annnnd Dark Lugh just keeps getting darker, doesn't he? Deliciously, decadently dark. I'm pretty sure he's  veering into the realm of scary at this point and I like it. Well, I like it in the sense that it's going to cause a major upheaval and all sorts of crazy shenanigans.

While Lugh's off doing battle with his inner crazy... ahh, wait, that's pretty much the bulk of what happens here. We get to see slightly-in-control Lugh facing off with the darkness he's been poisoned with. We get to see the corruption rearing up and taking control at some rather inopportune moments. Lugh's strength of will is formidable but he can only hold out so long when the darkness is coiling through him from the inside.

Dark, dark, dark with a side of dark, Lugh isn't going to be able to push this aside and keep soldiering onward. Good thing he has London there to help remind him that he's the Champion.

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Author Links
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Keeper of Secrets was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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